It’s time to meet this babe.

I’m officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been and if you ask anyone around me, I’m less than thrilled about this fact. Now, I FULLY realize a baby is a miracle and the most precious gift anyone could receive. I’ve seen the other side of it all and it isn’t pretty, I promise you. ButRead more

A few thoughts on being MIA.

Hi all. It’s been eons. There’s been lots going on and I feel compelled to explain, both for you and really for me. You know, some sort of justification for disappearing. First and foremost, I wanted to. Somewhere in my heart and mind, my mentality towards writing, blogging, and social media changed. I didn’t likeRead more

So we moved!

new house second house surprise

Hey there! I took a semi intentioned semi accidental break from the social media/blogging world. More on that for another day, as there’s much bigger things to talk about today! We moved! This story goes back many many years. When Caleb and I first met and started dating, we both were in the process ofRead more