Harvey Update | 21 Months

21 Month Update

Harvey hit the 21 Months accomplishment over spring break, so I wanted to share all his wonderful milestones he’s been rocking lately! We all are so head over heels with this little guy. He’s been the best little blessingΒ β™₯ makes us almost debate having another. Then he throws us a 2 week awful sleep scheduleRead more

Minimalist Blog Design + Update + Giveaway!

Minimalist Blog Design & Color Scheme

There are so many exciting things to tell you! A break was definitely needed and valued over the last few weeks; thanks for staying with me. For those of you not on my mailing list (I know that can’t be you, but maybe, you know, someone else.), I’ll catch you up to speed. A few weeksRead more

The Kids Behind the Blog | March 2017

kids behind the blog

We interrupt this #anniversaryweek for a little Kids Behind the Blog! It’s the second Wednesday of the month and time to check in with the other loves of my life: our big kids! Sadly, Harv has taken another turn for the worse and another long night and day is ahead. Send health and good vibes.Read more

If I knew what I knew now, I’d have married you sooner.

We made it. We are well out of the newlywed years. Β We made it out of the blended family “honeymoon years” … Β mostly unscathed. Today, marks our 3 year anniversary since the day I promise to love you forever. Three years. We have accomplished so much in three years of life together, but if IRead more