6 Easy & Fun Gifts to Ship

Easy and Fun Gifts to Ship

A couple weeks ago was my sister’s birthday, but she lives out of state so it takes some creativity when sending her and her husband gifts. We actually have quite a few relatives that live out of state, so I’ve become a cross country gift giving pro! You get to take advantage of my expertise as […]

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5 Friday Favorites | 29

I am finally on the mend, people. It honestly took a full 7 days but there are no more fever, chills, stuffy nose, or sore throat. 7 days. Ick. Hence my current MIA status on just about everything in life. I’m so thrilled for the weekend for a million reasons and can’t wait to share them […]

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Coffee Dates | 3

It’s Monday and it’s time we had a chance to catch up. Grab and drink and stay a while, won’t you? If we were having coffee, I’d dream about a non fat green tea latte (oh to bring back melon syrup!) and feel guilty with every sip I took. Oh that mom guilt. I try to […]

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The Kids Behind the Blog | February 2017

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ll admit we haven’t done a thing to the house, got ready for the kids, or each other. In fact, Caleb won’t even be home that night. If you’re thinking how horrible that is, then you and I view Valentine’s quite differently. Yes, I love showing my […]

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