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It has been pretty much the most exhausting and stressful week ever around here. I am sooo glad it is Friday! I’ll be missing Caleb lots, but ready to step away from work for 2 days and possibly blogging. Possibly.

But…this Friday faves is extra special, they’re all my favorites that I’ve fallen in love with over the summer!


one// My Sticky Quotes has been such a life saver the last two weeks! We are firm believers in lunch box notes for the kids, Ava even asks to make sure she gets them! But with our busy busy schedule, these preprinted sticky pads are absolutely perfect! They have the cutest sayings and pictures! Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Lazy much, Sam? Nope! Not at all! There’s even little lines at the bottom so we can still write a little extra note or 2 little hearts (my mommy special). They’re just awesome to have ready to peel off and stick right on their sandwich bag!

Even better?! I got the romance pack, too! I love sticking these in random places for Caleb. Just an awesome easy reminder that I’m thinking about him.

I even just saw they have scripture ones! Serious. Bring on more.

two// Ok, so if you’ve been following along at all, you know I’ve been way into this whole farmhouse style house and I found the best maker that supports this bad awesome habit. The Wooded Lane makes the most swoon worthy canvas prints. They are this beautiful combo of hand lettering and rustic wood frames. I just ordered a poster frame and already have big plans for where it’s going!

Bonus? The packaging was so protective. I knew my well desired goods were handled in tip top condition! Always a great feeling. No one wants to buy something only to have it arrive damaged.

three// You may also know, that I love scrolling Instagram and even though I didn’t include Lore that time, she definitely is a favorite. Her artwork is so unbelievable and completely mesmerizing. Seriously. Go watch this. Anyway, after I saw that video I knew I was sold. With my latest summer obsession of cactus, seen here for Harv’s birthday. I knew I needed one! They are gorgeous hand stamped on canvas little pouches! I throw my travel make up in there in my purse. It’s the perfect size, so it doesn’t over crowd those diapers and goldfish crackers, but big enough it doesn’t get lost and forgotten about… like well those goldfish crackers.

four// After chopping my hair and regretting it 100% as I came home in tears (and cried for months…) I’ve been always on the look out for new ways to style my hair. Well I found some of me and Ava’s current favorites. I love the top knot style so much, so trendy, but retro and just totally up my alley. The patterns are so cute! Shelly chooses all the best prints. I’m into the tribals lately and Ava is my floral girly. But either way teal is both our deal! She loved these so much, they even had the honor of being the first day of school pick! Yep. That’s a big deal.

five// Kris has the sweetest little Etsy shop. I’ve been a busy little bee this summer trying to get ahead of the holiday preparation (say what?!) and when I found her, I knew I had to dive in! We have a wooded/lumberjack style Christmas going on (trust me on this) and I saw all the craft stickers and fell in love! The packaging is on point and my stuff was delivered immediately I was so impressed! I’m always a sucker for marketing I guess. Anyway her style is the farm lettering style so, you know fits right in with everything else I’m into lately!

Ok but the absolute BEST part?! Yep, that’s right ALL of these lovely products can be yours too!

So what can you win in my sweepstakes?? Two of you are able to win! The first name drawn will get option 1 and the second name drawn will have option 2.

Update: Giveaway is closed. 


  1. My Sticky Quotes- 1 Pad of Love Letters and 1 Pad of Inspirational Quote Stickies.
  2. The Wooded Lane – “There’s No Place Like Home” 8 1/2 x 11 Canvas Print.
  3. Lore Illustration – Hand Stamped Cactus Coin Pouch with Orange Zipper.
  4. The Chipped Cup – Teal and White Polka Dot and Mutli Colored Headbands.
  5. Nanticoke Lane – Set of 12 Lined Circle Stickers.


  1. My Sticky Quotes- 1 Pad of Love Letters and 1 Pad of Emoji Stickies.
  2. The Wooded Lane – “Be Thankful” 8 1/2 x 11 Canvas Print.
  3. Lore Illustration – Hand Stamped Cactus Coin Pouch with Orange Zipper.
  4. The Chipped Cup – Navy and White Tribal Print and Mutli Colored Floral Headbands.
  5. Nanticoke Lane – Set of 12 Lined Circle Stickers.

I’m so excited for you! Good luck! Winner will be announced next Friday Favorites!


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  1. I am right with you on this except I have been that stressed since December when my precious Nana got sick.. she passed away in May of this year and it has been the worst time of my life. She was practically my mom,dad, and entire life so I miss her beyond words. Lately I have really loved going for a walk or a jog- it really helps. Also, I love sitting down with a nice candle and reading.

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