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Today is a great day for a great day! Big things happening!

one// AND the winners are ….. (drum roll please!): Pam O. and Julianne H.

Yay I’m so excited for you! Please email picturealmostperfect@gmail.com with your name and an address or check your email from me! Then, I can ship your goodies to you!

two// Farmer’s Market. Ok I’ve been bound and determined all summer to go to the farmer’s market down the road. It’s literally a mile away and gets bigger and bigger every year and every Tuesday I drive by AFTER it’s closed and think “oh shoot, I missed it again”. This week was the last week, thankfully two of my awesome boys (Caleb & Jack) reminded me in time! So we packed up the gang, grabbed some cash (we never carry cash) and off we went! I’m so glad we did.


Ava was volunteered by the boys to be the comparison size of the ginormous cauliflower.
Purple cauliflower. Say what?!
Purple cauliflower. Say what?!

Late summer/early fall fruit and veggies are the best! We got yellow fingerling potatoes, carrots, fresh herbs and sour apples. The kids were happily sampling everything. We stopped by my favorite: the baked goods and got cinnamon scones. Yum! Then that lovely husband of mine picked out the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for me (after some hinting). In his defense, I’m allergic to just about every kind of pollen possible, so it’s usually nicer of him not to try and kill me. This time though I couldn’t resist the beauty and the price! ($6.00 – what?!).


Lovely Tuesday afternoon.

three// I officially completed all of the shopping for school clothes, yes we do it in September – everything goes on sale, and our Christmas picture outfits. Ok well, not Caleb’s, but we know what he’s going to wear so it’s just a matter of ordering it and having it delivered! That is such a relief to have that crossed off the list. I realize it’s early, but I want fall pictures, and you never know how early the snow may come! Curious? Here’s a hint!

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four// We attended Jack’s school picnic yesterday. There were bounce houses, dinner, vehicles from the local police and fire force to check out, and the kids’ friends! It was a great night, especially because Harv went to bed easily and we didn’t have to cook!



five// Our favorite salad. I made Caleb and my favorite salad and it’s the absolute easiest. Mixed greens (spring mix + spinach), sliced strawberries, roasted almonds, feta crumbles with a sweet dressing. We switch between lemon poppy seed and a raspberry vinaigrette. This time we used the raspberry vinaigrette & I’m pleased to say all the kids partook in its delicious-ness. So that means it’s extra wonderful!


Enjoy your weekend! I hope you relax and enjoy the new fall season!


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