5 Friday Favorites | 12

It’s Friday, the end of September, and Ava’s birthday tomorrow! Jack is also starting a coding camp tomorrow, so we have a busy weekend ahead! And… I’m totally in love with my favorites this week!

one// Harvey’s first day of baby school! Actually it should’ve been last week, but he slept right through it. Oops!  And it’s like early childhood Daddy and me play time thing, but I was (and am!) so excited for them. Harv is only around the other kids and my nieces, usually other kids scare him in fact, so we knew he needed to at least see other baby humans. Plus he is so attached to me, I thought it would be good for those two boys to bond. Bonus! My old coworker and family friend is the teacher so we knew it’d be good 🙂 well it was! There were crafts (yes! I have baby artwork on the fridge!), toys, water table, circle time with singing etc.

Caleb was ao awesome to get pics! After I reminded him 600+ times…. Anyway, so cute, so proud, can’t wait for next time for them both!


Dad please. You’re turning into mom with the camera.



two// Ava’s 10th birthday is on Saturday. Even though she’s with her mom that day, we celebrated her silver birthday on Thursday. What’s a silver birthday? Apparently it’s not so common. Well a golden birthday is the birthday you turn the age of your birthday. Like my birthday is July 17th, so when I turned 17 it was my golden birthday. Well a silver birthday is when you flip that, so mine would be when I’m 71. Woo hoo for that. Silver hair. Silver birthday. Anyway! Ava’s birthday is October 1, so we went with 10 for her silver. We did silver balloons, silver wrapping paper, sterling silver jewelry and jewelry box.


three//Ava’s birthday cake. She wanted a frozen yogurt ice cream cake with heathe crunchies. I was hesitant, but followed through on the wishes. It was surprisingly delicious! Usually Caleb and I are eh about frozen yogurt. Oreo cookie crust, frozen yogurt, hot fudge, and heathe chips, topped with whipped cream, oreos and a cherry!



four// Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells. Oh. My. GOSH. People! We tried this new recipe here and I never find a good stuffed shells recipe. This one was AMAZING! Easy, delicious, and beautiful. Caleb and Carson devoured theirs, Jack and Ava were eh. I’ll take eh from those two. So yes a winner and I’ll be making again.


five// While shopping for Ava’s birthday present, I may or may not have invested in a new army green vest. I’m super excited to bust it out with some gray booties for the fall! I’ve totally been falling in love with the stripes and army green style, so yea I’ll be wearing that lots in the next few weeks!

How was your week? What are your favorites? Any Italian recipes you’d love to share? Carson says it’s his favorite and wants it more 😉


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