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It’s Friday, y’all! This week was awesome all the way around. The weekend was superb, work was fantastic, we wrapped up our family Christmas pics and I’m the featured blogger over at High Five on Friday with Tif! What a honor!

Let’s jump right into my favorites for the week!

one// The crisp Fall air has officially hit in MN. We turned on the furnace this week and I turned on the oven, lots! Ok, we use it all year round, but I did do lots of baking! I started off the week baking two fresh loaves of banana bread. The first loaf lasted less than a day. Yea. It was that good.


two// Caleb took some time off last weekend. It is so nice to be “normal” for a while and have a regular weekend type schedule. He worked on some house projects, prepped the yard for winter and we even got to sneak away for some non-child time, it was awesome! Days like that make me wish he was home every weekend.


three// Pumpkinfest! It was the 10th annual Pumpkinfest hosted by our friend’s: Julianne and Ben. Ben brews his own beer, so to promote the Hey Guy Brewing, they host a party every October and they go all out! Beer is tapped into pumpkins, hay bales by the fire pit, the cutest chalkboard sign on the fence, and so much more! So festive and pumps us up for the holiday season ahead!

Caleb has always been the dedicated attendee, I’m usually a hit or miss depending on babies. But thanks to my parents, (thanks Mom & Dad!) we both got to attend this year and as always it was a blast. The brews were delicious, the hard cider being my fave, the food was on point, and the company was fantastic! Thanks for a fabulous night out!

We also had so much fun chatting and hanging out, pictures were a fail. Oops! Sorry.

four// Socks made for flats. Let me start out by saying that I despise socks. Yep. They’re awful. My feet like their freedom. I live in sandals almost 8 months out of the year (yes even in Fall, some of Winter, and definitely Spring). I’m the person who is bundled up in blankets in bed, but my feet always find their way out through the night. No idea why, but my feet don’t like being constricted. But I love boots and shoes get stinky without socks, so I succumb unhappily.

Until now! I discovered socks for flats a while back. They’re thin, barely there, and they come in tons of fun colors! Since Caleb LOVES socks, he happily surprised me with some new pairs this week and my feet have been in cozy warmth Heaven all week! I’m hooked and I don’t think I’ll go back. Well until Spring, then I’ll take my sandals thank you very much.

They stay on and I love the fun colors!

five// 100th post! I had all sorts of big plans for my 100th post, I was going to do 100 things about me or a great big Q&A, but when I posted on Wednesday and realized it was 99, I was like oops that isn’t going to happen, so I just stuck with my favorite posts – my Friday posts! I want to say thank you though for following along this crazy journey of my family and me. From sick kiddos, to new schools, to balancing work and family life, and figuring out this whole co-parenting it’s a crazy ride and I love sharing it with all of you. So thank you & cheers!


Hope you have a fantastic Friday and weekend ahead! We will finish up our DIY costumes and maybe hit up the apple orchard since the weather is supposed to be in the high 60s/low 70s! Yay for that! What are you up to?


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  1. congratulations, you deserve praise for your great blogs.. It is cooling off in Florida too, and I made loaves of zucchini bread. I jointed a garden club, and listened to a fascinating talk on coconuts; didn’t know there were so many kinds and so many uses for them… Love, Grandma Nancy

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