5 Friday Favorites | 15

It has been a fantastic week all the way around! The weather was beautiful and even though the crisp temps are coming, the sun and warmth is really trying to hang in there. The kids had their fall break Wednesday to Friday, so we all got caught up on errands, house projects, and family time. It was perfect! My favorites this week are full of family and fall!

one// Lake walks. Last Sunday, the weather was gorgeous for MN this time of year and the boys and I were antsy so I packed up the stroller, camera, a couple sweatshirts and we took a walk around the lake near our house. Between the beautiful fall colors and Harv’s giggles of delight and Jack running off all sorts of energy it was a perfect afternoon. Then we headed to my parents for dinner and cousin time! Sunday’s have been extra hard lately missing Caleb and Carson and Ava, but we’ve been making the best of it by staying busy!

Could they be any cuter?

two// Pumpkin patch. Full post coming soon, but here’s a sneak peek of our whole family trip to the farm!


three// Harvey sleeping. Ok, so I’ve ranted and complained a lot about his awful sleeping. But alas! I think we’ve finally started to hit a turning point! This week we unhappily decided he’s really been showing signs of dropping another nap (he was taking 3 still at the beginning of the summer!). This means from 3 in June to 2 by August to only 1 now, it was less than appealing. But! He’s still getting the same amount of sleep it’s just all in 1 nap now, which is good and bad. You know how that goes. Great for a 2+ hour time frame to be productive but bummer because no morning nap means no showers sometimes. Anyway, it’s helped him sleep better at night, so I call that a win! Let’s hope it continues. Mama (and Dada) need their sleep.


four// Wall hangings. Ok so back here I told you how I fell in love with this shop, so much I gave some prints away. What I didn’t tell you was that it was sitting on my night stand waiting to be hung….until yesterday! I added our family initials to balance it out and incorporate some of the farm rustic style. As a blended family, I know it’s important to honor both families so I bought a W and a K from a local maker and ta da! I’m loving it.


This coloring is actually better. Our walls are a light gray. #loveournest

five// Scarves. I love scarves! Caleb knows this and happily surprises me with them pretty much whenever. A while back I told him I have a lot and maybe I’m good for a while. Babe, are you listening? I take it back. I need these, one of each color! Please and thanks ♥


The colors! The cuff! They’re infinity! They’re also made in MN so yea, even local! Love them! Find them here.


What are your plans for the weekend? Have you managed to fit in a family pumpkin patch trip or maybe an apple orchard? Whatever it may be, I hope it’s fantastic!


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