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Some weeks fly by, because they’re filled with wonderful activities and so much fun, they’re just gone before you know it! Some weeks seem like they’re never.going.to.end. Sadly, we were the latter this week and I’m thrilled for some quiet this weekend. We’ve been so busy lately every weekend in good ways, but it’ll be nice to slow down. Anyway, this past week tested every ounce of Caleb and my parenting abilities. And sanity. Lots of sanity testing.

Tuesday, Jack was home sick, the jury is still out on whether he was actually sick or not. Carson also forgot his homework at school, so come Wednesday both boys had tons of homework which is their absolutely least favorite thing so it meant happy happy things for Caleb and me (please note the extreme sarcasm). Carson was up till  8:30 doing his homework when he got home at 3:00pm. Yep it was awful. Don’t worry we fed him.

The stomach bug also hit Harv bad so over the last 24+ hours, Caleb and I have perfected our vomit catching abilities. Gross, I know. Thankfully, I think Harv is back to about 80% now. However, his sleep schedule has been off all week so the lucky little dude got to snack and watch Game 7 with us. I’ll admit as soon as Harv crashed out at the 9th inning, so did Mama. Luckily, Caleb (and the rest of the media world) filled me in come the next morning. Way to go Cubs!

It’s Friday though and we’ve got plans to attend Caleb’s alma mater’s craft show this weekend, so I’m pretty thrilled to check out the crafts, makers, and continue (yes continue – read more here) the Christmas shopping! I’m ready to check in on our favorites!

one// Halloween! We met my sister and her two kiddos at my parents house to go trick or treating. And although Harv was completely less than thrilled to wear his costume at home, when he saw the other kids, he was accepting. By the time Grandpa dropped in a few pieces of candy, we thought he was sold. We headed to the neighbors across the street, neighbors we know well, and Harv melted down. Big tears, the quivering lip, the full deal. But he stood his ground, tears and all, determined to get the candy. After the first house though, he was sold. He wouldn’t let anyone touch his bucket. The weather actually got nicer as the night went on, so it was a great night!

Super girl, Freddy Faz Bear, A Cupcake, and a Cheesin Gnome
Why thank you Grandpa, I accept.

Since, the kids were with their Mom for Halloween, we didn’t get to see them until late that night when Caleb picked them. But their Mom sent this over the next day.


two// Last weekend. Yep the whole weekend was awesome! Caleb took off Saturday, which makes Friday and Sunday not so bad. Ava had a volleyball tournament we went to on Saturday morning bright and early and her team won 5 out of the 6 games they played. Her serving was on point! Seriously, she’s doing great! After that, we headed over to a local meat market, which has apparently since moved, but we stumbled upon their neighborhood business trick or treating. Even though the boys didn’t have costumes on, we were greeted with directions and candy. Win win! Now that we were on the right path again, we picked up the most delicious local meat, you know, the kind served with genuine love and desire to serve good food. It once again sparked the conversation of why we continue to shop at the local supermarket. Then we came home, all of us crashed out for a nap and got up to go to an engagement party for Caleb’s cousin. It was a perfect day full of family, fun, and adventure!


three// Harvey in a garbage can. No we’re not rednecks. And hey! I stand corrected (read the bottom here). But we were raking up leaves and it was too cute not to! Plus he saw me squishing down the leaves to pack more in, so he wanted at it too.


And yes, it was like 65 degrees out this day, it was awesome for November 1st!

four// Sushi bowls. This week while waiting for Jack in the pick up line, Harvey and I were checking out a local You Tuber (Kitty Cotten) who recently vlogged about making her favorite: sushi bowls. Caleb and I love sushi, but I have yet to perfect -heck even really put in a good effort- to make sushi, but this sounded easy and delicious so I convinced him I’d make two dinners on Wednesday, one for us and one for the kids full well knowing they probably wouldn’t eat it. Well. They tried it, but we discovered they don’t like seaweed and avocados. But they love rice. Duh Sam. Nothing new there.


Anyway, it was SUPER easy to make. I used our rice cooker to make the rice (sushi rice is best) with some rice vinegar. I then chopped julienne style, cucumbers and carrots, cubed the avocado and the fresh tuna.


I then placed a big scoop of rice in the middle and placed the ingredients around the sides. Sprinkled on toasted sesame seeds and seaweed. And topped with a little chipotle mayo and soy sauce. **the chipotle mayo was eh.


The kids mini sushi bowl, minus the tuna.

five// Dates with Jack and Harvey. I used to “date” Jack all the time before Caleb and I met. Then we started dating as family and then our dates changed. None of that is bad. Let me be very clear. I’m thrilled to have Caleb join in our fun, but I also miss the time with Jack. I think part of it has been our change with Harvey needing more, Jack is more involved in school, and wants to do different things when he’s home and I just feel him pulling away. Yes I realize it’s probably 100% natural, he’s growing up and becoming his own, so I’m probably actually doing good things, right?

I’m not ready though and I don’t think he is either, so I’ve started to make plans the three of us can all enjoy together, even if it’s just a few hours on Sunday. A walk through the woods a while back, trips to park, and most recently the bookstore. It hasn’t been about money or what we’re doing. Just time. Together. Away from chores, homework, and hum drum of daily life. It’s been awesome. I wish I could do the same for Caleb and Carson and Ava, but timing and schedules makes it really hard. I’ll find a balance, but for now, I’m enjoying the little boys.


What about you? What are your favorites from the week? Hopefully your week went better than ours!


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