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No Gilmore Girls. Two weeks ago (I took time off to clean ha) I talked about my love for Gilmore Girls and my excitement for the new show they have out. I still have yet to watch it, so no spoilers! So far I’ve managed to avoid any and everyone who may break lose the info!

This week has been jam packed, let’s get into my favorites!

one// PJ Elves, Tiny, & Advent Calendar. Tiny and the Pajama Elves arrived yesterday! Harvey was gleeful to see a teeny little Elf hiding out in the tree. I was gleeful to see my whole family in Christmas PJs. Harvey also got to take the first goodies out of the Advent Calendar and now we’re a little worried he’ll want to do it all.the.time. Oops.


Jack & Harvey matching. Dad got Griswold Christmas Vacation chain saw PJ pants. Carson got snoopy pants and a coordinating t-shirt (he doesn’t like long sleeves). And Ava stepped up to the women’s department with snowman. Sigh.

two// Big Boy Chair & Stool. Well, Caleb and I accepted that we finally have a toddler. Bittersweet (#timefliesmomcries) I pulled out from the crawl space the portable high chair that converts to a booster seat and step stool for the bathroom this week. We had used it when we went to Kansas this summer.

It’s been a transition for sure. He doesn’t use the booster seat at the kitchen table all the time, sometimes he still goes in his high chair, but it’s nice having him actually sit at the table with us. Although, now we have no empty chairs. Hmmm. That could be a future problem.


The step stool has been a hit for Harv and a disaster for Caleb and I. We gave him full access to everything on the bathroom counter. Oh joy. He has been learning to wash his hands at school and during his bath and it’s too cute. Adding the stool is a step towards potty training and self sufficiency (a little insanity too). How is he already old enough for this??

three// Ava’s room reaction. Ok, so Caleb and I were so worried that after such a long time that the excitement of getting her room (mostly) finished would be a “finally” type moment (insert sassy preteen emotion).  We tried to make it as exciting as possible and literally were finishing things minutes before she got home from school on Monday. It felt very HGTV style. Anyway, we had the curtains closed so she couldn’t see in while walking home from the bus, I added a special note to our chalkboard in the front entry, and Caleb, Harvey and I were hovering in anticipation.

She walked in, chatting away, and didn’t notice a thing. Well she didn’t tell us, but apparently she had she just didn’t want to say something. Anyway, I finally said you can go look at your room and the excitement instantly was there. She opened the door and it was perfect. It was exactly what Caleb and I needed. She loves it! Her smile was so big and she just walked around looking at everything. Pointing out the new things, the things that were in storage, her favorite stuff. All of it. The happiness emanating from her was such a great feeling.

Sneak peek! Lots of promises of pictures soon. I know I know.
Sneak peek! Lots of promises of pictures soon. I know I know.

Yes, there are a few things left to do. The closet organizer needs to be finished and we need a mirrored door over the electrical panel that sadly resides in there, as well. BUT, it’s so nice for her to be in there.

BONUS! With Ava out of Carson’s room, Carson and I did some major cleaning in his room and that almost felt better for my sanity! Even Caleb was like whoa I forgot how big it is. Yep with bags of garbage gone, boxes ready to be donated and purged, there’s tons more space.

four// First Snow Fall Party. This was a new last minute idea that I had a few weeks ago and I guarantee it will happen every year from now on. It was so much fun!

A few Fridays back I was working while watching Gilmore Girls (ha oh the advantage of working at home) while Harvey napped. Caleb had already left for work, Jack was at school, and the kids were at their Mom’s for the weekend already. It was a quiet house.

I must’ve been in the correcting homework zone or the TV zone, but either way I had NO idea it had started to snow. When Harvey woke up, I realized it was WHITE outside! The first snowfall seriously is the.best.feeling.ever. Everything is so calm and peaceful and beautiful. (I promise I’ll feel different come March and April snowfalls, but November? Nope they’re the best). Well I showed little Mr and he was so in Heaven! He’d never seen and remembered snow. He was so happy. So right then and there I decided to make it even more fun and throw a First Snowfall Party, it was Friday after all!


So after Harv and I picked up Jack from school, we all got bundled up and played in the snow. We then came inside for a pizza and grape soda floats(milk for the babe), then we all got into our PJs, made a fort on the floor, and snuggled up to watch Finding Dory together. It was so perfect! Jack loved it, Harvey loved it, and Mom was happy. Hopefully next year, everyone will be home!


five// Fire Truck Santa. The small town fire department where my parents live have a long tradition of Fire Truck Santa. One of the Fire Fighters dresses as Santa and sits on top of a Christmas lit firetruck. The truck drives around town with the siren going and firefighters give away candy canes. It is a great way to kick of the Christmas season! Fire Truck Santa happened last night! After dinner, Harv, Jack and I meandered over to my parents to wait for him to arrive. Needless to say the boys (and my nieces!) were thrilled when he arrived. So precious.

Ignore the cellphone pics. I forgot my camera at the house. On the counter. Battery charged. Ready for transport. Grr.

Passing the time while waiting for Santa.


I hope the week was awesome for you, as well! Our weekend will be filled with Breakfast with Santa tomorrow (send good vibes for a happy baby!) and Ice Skating with Santa on Sunday! The holidays are upon us and I can’t explain how happy it makes me.



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