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Winter is officially here. The weather is supposed to be coooold today and Caleb and I (let’s be honest, it was mostly Caleb) sealed up all the windows with plastic to keep it warm. The warmth is nice, the lack of sunshine and very cave like hibernation is not. My favorites this week are all over the place, nope just kidding. It’s all about children. Go figure.

one// Babies. Babies. Babies. 4 to be exact. Last week was a big week for my friends. FOUR of my friends had babies within 3 days of each other! And I have yet to see any of them OR more importantly get baby fever. (Whew, Caleb you’re safe.) Two friends from high school, one had a boy little Garrison and one girl, Elliana. A long time friend from an old job had a little girl name Addison (Addie). AND my current coworker and sanity saver had a little boy Matthew. Yep 2 + 2. Perfect little bundles of joys. Congrats to all of you!

two// Night out with Jack. This weekend, Jack has a big day in our church and so this past week he had a mini retreat on Monday to prepare for it. It was so nice. We had a potluck meal (we brought caramel toffee brownies – hooray for being the dessert team) together with all the kids and their parents. The food was awesome, nothing like a giant church full of food you didn’t need to make. Then I had the opportunity to spend the next few hours with Jack in prayer and preparation. It was great and he is so excited for this weekend!

three// Harvey & Daddy play time. As usual, baby school is each Thursday and Caleb and Harvey attended. However, they also added an indoor playground trip to their itinerary this week. My sister and her youngest daughter invited them along for an impromptu play date. Caleb said Harv was in baby Heaven running around, playing, trying new things out the whole time. Mom also won out on this deal as nap time was easy peasy! He’s growing up so fast people, it’s killing me. Almost 18 months. Ahh. How did this happen. Oh yes, they all do. Someone change that.

Ignore the junky cell phone pics.

four// Kindness kid. Jack won an award at school, chosen by his classmates as the kindest kid in the class! He gets to participate in some extra special activity where the big kids (5th and 6th graders) come and play games and what not in the afternoon one day. He is so excited. Makes me so proud.

five// Visiting Ava’s school. Ava is student of the week this week and her teacher invites the parent’s to come and talk about what they do and give more information about their kiddos. Such a sweet idea! Caleb went today as Ava’s Mom will be going tomorrow. She was so nervous all week, she kept talking about him embarrassing her and asking what he was going to say. Ha. Poor kid. Thankfully for Caleb (and Ava!) it went perfectly, he even brought in candy canes for the kids, which the teacher didn’t hand out. Oops! Oh well, it was great he went and Ava was happy.


This weekend, Jack has a Christmas concert he’s singing in at church and then the afternoon is his big moment! I’m also debating taking the boys to see the Christmas train that travels through the Cities. I think it’s best to see it at night, but 8 is so late for Harv especially driving into the Cities (about a 40 minute drive). Time will tell!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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