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Well ladies and gentleman (Hi love!), it’s supposed to be a balmy 30 below wind chill this weekend with an expected 9-11 inches of snow so Jack, Harvey, and I will be hibernating while wrapping presents, finally addressing and  mailing our Christmas cards out, and baking galore! Seriously I have 4 goodies we’ll be diving into: homemade snickers candy, peanut butter blossoms, Starbucks cranberry bliss bars, and sugar cut outs (just for the decorating sake!)…although Great Grandma’s recipe is ahhhmazing! I may hide a few so other people can actually eat them without, you know: kid germs.

We are in single digits for the countdown for Christmas and I’m still way heavy on the non-prepared side. I still don’t know how this happened. Ha. This never happens! Anyway. 9 days. Good luck, God speed, and thank heavens for Amazon prime.

one// Shopping with Caleb. I took Wednesday off to go shopping with Caleb and attempt at checking off all our present to-do lists. It was great! Not only we were so productive, but I love the time spent with Caleb. We never have a day off together. Monday – Friday I work and he is daddy day care during the day. Friday-Sunday he’s working and I’m full time mommy. It was nice not to have work responsibilities and just enjoy the day of hanging out and a not so great lunch date. Even though Harv was in tow and we were in overdrive shopping mode, I still count it as a mini date.

two// Shopping with Ava. Ava and Carson are in the school Christmas concert on Monday night. A Christmas outfit for Carson is easy, he has a few nice button ups and just needed some new pants. But Ava, I wanted with as she is getting more particular about her clothes (read: she’s really picky and it can get scary real fast). Plus, we got to hang out one on one. She always opens up and gets really chatty when the boys aren’t around. It’s awesome to get all the info! It only took 2 stores to find the perfect one! We both love it, that’s a favorite right there (agreement!).

We didn’t find any shoes, so I was flying solo. I found two pairs, both of which I picked up from Target. I love the gold flats (Caleb too!), but Ava is at her Mom’s so we’ll see what she chooses.

Let’s do a vote! What do you think? Gold or black! I’d love to hear!

three// Teacher presents! I love finding special, fun, and actual good gifts for teachers. Ok this is going to sound awful, but as a teacher I’ve had some “really thoughtful but no idea what I’ll do what this” type gifts. I try to avoid that with the kids teachers’. While Ava I were shopping, we stumbled upon these prayer/wish angels and we both fell in love. They’re little angel decorations that separate into 2 pieces that form a special container. Inside the angel, you write a prayer or wish for the recipient. Since Carson and Ava go to a religious school and Jack’s teacher goes to our church, we figured we were good with a prayer type gift. Plus it was on sale for under $7.00! Add in some chocolates (Lindor’s are our favorite!) and ta da! Done.

Want one too? Find it here! There’s a few designs.

four// Harvey’s car seat. I’ll have a full review on it shortly, but he’s loving playing with the seat in the family room and the box in the hallway. Yes, we haven’t actually installed it ha. All in due time people.

He made a full on fort with the box. Blanket, stuffed puppy, and a truck night light.

five// Mom’s birthday! My mom’s birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Mom! Not sure what our plan is to visit with all the cold and snow ahead, but I know she’s excited about her present. Yes. She knows what it is. I’ve been giving her the same present for 5 maybe 6(?!) years now. It’s not a surprise and I’m pretty sure she looks forward to it each year. At least I hope she does! It’s a year calendar made from all our family photos.

Anyway, have a great birthday Mom! We love you ♥


Apparently we were spending machines this week. Stay warm! Vote for Ava’s shoe and have a great weekend!



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  1. The gold is very festive and cute but I like the black. I think she can get more use out of them too. Plus then her and Charlie will match! Ha.

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