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It’s been a great week around here. The end of semester for my job is upon us so usually that comes with good and bad (sometimes lots of bad), but the end of this semester has been pretty quiet. Maybe a little too quiet. Hmm. Anyway, it’s been awesome. I also made some intentional decisions to step back from things and just relax mentally and physically. Much needed! Plus add in an extra day off (Thanks MLK!) and I’m pretty sure I’ve decided 4 day work weeks should happen every week … or at least every other. I’d take that too!

one// Jack’s Birthday. Last week we celebrated, as a family, Jack’s birthday, but on Monday we picked up his friends and had a mini party. I let go of my extreme need for the party to be perfect and goodness it was the best decision ever. Y’all should try it. Anyway, I threw together some punch, ordered pizza, cut up some fruit and veggies, and Jack requested an ice cream sundae bar so the prep was nothing. Amazing.

Then we traveled to the nearest snow tubing hill and planned for Caleb to monitor all the big kids outside while I played with Harv in the chalet. However, apparently every other person in the tri-state area also agreed it was a perfect day to go snow tubing so the wait was AWFUL. Like 2 HOURS AWFUL. Poor kids.

Anyway, they managed to go down a few times and had a blast went they did. All in all it was a pretty great day for everyone.

Birthday Selfies

two// Paint & Pallet. On Saturday, some of my besties invited me to go to a painting night with them. Ok, I know what you’re thinking, another one of those paint and drink deals where you attempt to paint the same picture on a canvas. No. Think again. This was awesome. You are given 4 pieces of pallet style wood with two braces and you sand, stain, assemble (yep with power tools) and then paint using stencils. Everyone has a pre-made stencil to use so you get to do WHATEVER you want. It was so awesome. Plus all the ladies we went with brought appetizers and drinks and it was this amazing little hand party. If you live in MN, check it out here!

Our names & addresses were hidden for you know, safety purposes.

three// Rodan + Fields. Yes, I live under a rock. This is not news to anyone that follows along. I’m always a good 10 steps behind the rest of the world. I’m usually ok with this. However, I’ve been missing on some amazing products. First of all, I want to be clear, I do not sell the product and I was not compensated in anyway to talk about this, but it’s amazing and I want to share. A few weeks ago, we visited my old college roomie and her husband for dinner and she told me she sign up to be a consultant and gave me some free products to test out.

I finally had a chance to use them this week and I’ve been sold. My face is so smooth and soft! There are different types of products for the different things you may be hoping to fix (think spots, acne, dryness, etc). I also love their packaging. Seriously I’m a marketers dream, I fall for the shiny stuff all the time.

Aren’t they cute?!
So much clearer and smooth in just one use! Imagine how much better in a few weeks?!

Here is Tina’s info if you want to join or try out the products – you won’t regret it.

four// Vacation decisions have been made! I don’t want to say much more than this yet as we still need to cross our t’s and dot our i’s.. but we’ve been blessed enough from both our wonderful families and we will be heading to Florida and Aruba this summer! More details to come – seeing as I’m fanatically excited about all of this I promise you will probably be bored to death with all the news.

five// Door sign. For the past 3 years, our house has been bombarded a million times over with solicitors knocking at the door day in and day out. I finally lost it last summer when the little boys and I were playing outside and two strangers walked up the driveway and almost into the garage to sell me ant tablets for our yard. One was so persistent as to ask to call Caleb at work. Really?! At work. Um no. I was fed up. Within a few weeks I was at a craft show and saw a little wooden plaque from One or Two of a Kind and I knew it was fate. The daughter lives in MN and the Mother lives in Cape Coral (exactly where my MIL just moved), I was sold. I came home, Caleb gave me the drill and a screw and up I put it.

We have had absolutely NO ONE come to our door. It has been utterly amazing. Plus all the people we do want get a good chuckle from the sign. Win win!


We have another really full weekend, I really can’t wait till those winter blues and ho hum days kick in. We need it! Caleb’s cousin is getting married this weekend, so we’ll be busy with wedding stuff and I’m oh so excited! I love me a good wedding!


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10 thoughts on “5 Friday Favorites | 26

  1. That paint and pallet place sounds amazing! I love all the signs! Going snow tubing is on our winter family bucket list. I know a couple of places make you reserve a time slot, I hope so you don’t end up waiting for hours like your boys did. Your vacation plans sound amazing! I’ve never been to Aruba but have only heard great things from people who have been. Stopping by from H54F! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Nancy! I wish there would’ve been a place to reserve a spot! Hopefully you have better luck! We’ve never been to Aruba either, but we googled it and it’s the safest place in the Caribbean so Caleb was sold! Have a lovely weekend as well!

  2. Love your HOME sign, and the aprons! CANT WAIT until the visit happens here to florida! I have been using R & F for two years, and am just about out of product , so I will get info on your friend to reorder. Love to all, Nancy

    1. Hi Melissa! You should try it! It was so fun and I love using power tools ha. I updated it now so you can check it out 🙂 Nothing too horrible either, so it was ok. I’ve been working on re-organizing all my photos and now I can’t remember where they all are (insert eye roll). Typical. Have a great week!

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