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Friday Favorites Five on Friday

I had a post written that was all fun and wonderful and you’ll read most of it. But I also can’t deny what is going on in the world either. So as I sit here safely, happily, and surrounded by my family- my heart goes out to those who are not in the same circumstance.

My heart aches for the mothers, fathers, and children in Syria torn apart by death, for all the evil that seems so extra prominent in our world today, and for the unknown of the future. If you can shift you’re thinking, please read on and enjoy some positivity, but if you too are sad, scared, and overwhelmed with all that is going on, then I hope you find some peace of mind and I too will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

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Friday Favorites

// one //

A few weeks ago, Stephanie over at WifeMommyMe wrote a post about organizing her letters for her letter board and I did a big ole V8 forehead slap and thought duh. Last summer I found a vintage one at an antique store and my letters have been jammed into a plastic bag in our “junk drawer” ever since. Each week I spend entirely too long picking through the bag until I find what I need. So I took Stephanie’s advice and finally organized those hundreds of teeny tiny letters and let me tell you, the weekly menu went up so fast this week! Win win for time saving organization!

organize letter board letters

Want to join on my organizing favorite this week? Check out the link here for the mini organizing box I used!

Or this one that’s a little cheaper:

// two //

A few weeks ago I planned a surprise Mom and Jack date to go check out the Batman Lego movie. My parents were kind enough to hang out with Harv on a Sunday afternoon while Jack and I went (thanks!!).

I arranged it with my parents earlier in the week, so come Sunday Jack was filled with anticipation as I drove to drop off Harv. He knew it was a special date but that was it. He did try guessing the whole car ride with no luck ha. Anyway, he figured out real fast when we pulled up to the theater and was super excited. So we loaded up on popcorn, candy, and soda and off we went to find the best seat. Which apparently varies greatly between a 9 year old and 29 year old ha.

I was all eh about the movie, just a little weird for my taste but Jack enjoyed it so that’s what counts. It was a fun little date and since there’s never enough between us and the kids, I loved every second. So would I recommend it? Yep absolutely.

// three //

Last Saturday the weather was amazing! Spring definitely hit MN with 68° weather and the sun out all day! It was amazing and I knew I wanted to celebrate this glorious-ness with something fun. After nap, I packed up the boys and we headed to one of our favorite parks that happened to be closed still for the season (go figure). With a little work around, we still managed to have some play time!

jack and harvey park

We then hung out on a blanket while the boys had a snack. After a walk around the park, we decided to bring Caleb some dinner to work. The park is really close to Caleb’s work so it was super convenient, although we would’ve drove to visit either way.

jack and harvey park

We stopped for sub sandwiches and were so lucky to find a Nothing Bundt Cake bakery right next door! It’s no surprise I’m a fan obsessed so we stopped in to grab two bundlets. The boys also got a free balloon each and a BOGO coupon for next time! Mom was excited about that 😉

After bringing dinner to Caleb and eating the scrumptious cakes, we headed home with tired boys and full tummies. It was a perfect Saturday!

// four //

Not sure how I got so lucky, ok I do, that man I call husband is pretty darn amazing, but I cooked zero times this week. Yep zero, he even did the dishes almost every day. (I felt pretty bad and helped out yesterday…) It was pretty fantastic for me! He took over grocery list making, meal prep, and full cooking all week.

With an extra busy week doing kid things, end of quarter for my students, and just a general sick feeling I was kind of out for the week. So without request or grumbling, he just silently picked up all the slack. Seriously, how did I get so lucky?!

Plus that man can cook! AND although every test I’ve taken tells me physical touch is my love language; I’m actually 110% sure it’s food. Who’s with me!?

// five //

Just going to leave this little ray of MN sunshine right here for you.

Ok just kidding, how about one more? #cutenessoverload

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! It’s swimming lessons again and preparing for Easter, birthdays, and First Communion. What about you? The countdown is on till Easter, are your baskets ready?!

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7 thoughts on “5 Friday Favorites | 33

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s OK for you to have multiple love languages of touch AND food, haha, at least I hope so, because those both speak to me in a serious way!! Your boys are so adorable, and I would die to have a bundt cake bakery in my neighborhood. Amazing!

    On a more serious note, I completely relate to your observation about feeling disheartened and sick over the state of our world, Syria specifically, but so many other examples besides. Difficult times, and I really struggle with finding a balance between staying educated and aware and engaged on global issues, and also making time and energy for the light-hearted aspects of life, which can refuel us in so many ways.

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone ha. #foodislife apparently the bundt cake ships from online, but I’m skeptical ha. And yes I so feel you, there IS so much going on and it’s disheartening and scary for so many. You said it perfectly, finding that balance really is hard. I’ll keep you in my thoughts as we learn to walk through it all and help those around us. Thanks for stopping xo Sam

  2. My heart breaks too. This world needs so much more love in it. How special you got to have a little date night. That’s amazing you didn’t have to cook! Way to go husband. Love all of your fun pics! Have a great weekend!
    Beautifully Candid

    1. It so does. And yes but I should be completely honest ha he is usually really good about cooking at least 50/50 so it’s not too out of the ordinary but zero on my part was way nice! Thanks for stopping xo Sam

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