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Friday Favorites Five on Friday

It’s Cinco De Mayo! Yep I’m going to be horribly stereotypical here, but please bring on the margs and tacos. This girl loves Mexican food! My mother can take the blame credit for this as she canned homemade salsa every Fall on Saturday mornings. The smell alone makes me crave it. We’ll be celebrating with tacos, pico de gallo, and some delicious drinks!

If you need some extra inspiration, check these lovely ladies out from last week! They had me salivating and getting excited and in the spirit all week long!

Shelly over at The Queen in Between has a bunch of super cute cactus ideas (you know I love me some cacti decorations!) and some delicious recipes going on.

Erin over at Everyday Events has a few recipe ideas at the top, but the cutest piñata banner decoration DIY <– I will be pinning that, with a slight variation, for a few upcoming parties!

I also got a sweet little email that a Pinatagram is $4 off use code: CINCODEMAYO! Happy snail mailing.

I know I’ve been a little MIA on Friday lately, I just have been mentally not all with it lately. Work has been busy as the year closes out shortly, the baby is teething (4 – yes 4! new ones in 3 weeks), and the big kids have us running in a million directions all at once. Pulling a post together during the week just hasn’t been in the cards for me. Luckily for you, this week I got it all together.   found some time!

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Friday Favorites

// one //

We’ve been thinking and talking about upgrading our little 4 door sedan for months 2 years now. Caleb always stays on the hunt for both new and used models that will sit 7 and stay within our expectations of safety and budget. We haven’t had a car payment in years so going back to one hasn’t been on our immediate “to do list”.

Well, amongst his thumb scrolling last week he found a car I’ve had my eyes on for a while that fit all our needs: seats 7, safe, budget friendly, and full on gadgets for the tech nerd wife (that’s me). So he went to go take a look. Then we talked about it for a week, things like were we ready for a payment, how much did we anticipate for a trade in, was it something actually practical for our family, you know those adulting questions.

After a lot of conversations, we decided to take Carson and Harvey with Monday afternoon to look together. I wanted Carson there, because the third row was an add on and I wasn’t quite convinced it was enough space. In fact, just the opposite. I was 100% sure it was a bad idea. Then Carson and Caleb got back there and I was relieved to see they’d fit. We’re not talking a throne back there, but manageable if we needed.

So we talked for a few more days (we really are NOT rash decision people, especially with money), and decided to go for it! We are now the proud owners of a Nissan Rogue with the Family Package. Yep we are even more now a “big family” as we have a mini van AND a car labeled Family Package. I’m good with it. Plus Caleb and I are both lovin having some new wheels around the house again.

New Nissan Rogue New Car
No face pictures. 3 hours at a dealership with 3 kids and a toddler with no dinner means mama isn’t at her finest moment.
Just ask us how we feel when we have a payment come June…it has been 4 years you know.

Also, did you notice it seats 7?! No news yet, but hey maybe one day. 

// two //

DanDTM. You don’t know who this is? Really? You must not have a child that’s from the age of 8-12. I’m not sure if I should be sorry or jealous… Anyway. He’s Jack’s hero and life time ambition to become a YouTuber just like him. Seeing as Dan does what he loves and is a millionaire at the ripe young age of 24 and is now traveling the world, I’m hesitant to deflate Jack’s ambition. But let’s be real, I don’t think it’s realistic for Jack either.

Either way DanDTM was in town a few weeks ago at the State Theatre to do a live show and although the tickets were something we normally wouldn’t do, we splurged and I got to bring Jack to see the show. We sat pretty far away, but since it’s a smaller venue we were actually still pretty close. Jack sat on the edge of his seat the whole time. He had so much fun! Snacks, memorabilia, and his favorite person. Yep, he talked about it the entire 40 minute car ride home, which is usually unusual for him.

Dan DTM Live Minecraft Live Boys Show

As a Mom, I was excited to bring him and giggled at the amount of 8-12 year old boys in Minecraft shirts in one area. It was fun and I loved the impromptu date with my little guy.

// three //

Softball with friends. Ava started softball a few weeks ago and besides all the cancellations from the rain and slushy weather, it’s been wonderful! She really started this season off with more confidence and skills than last year. It was so fun to see! The girls start pitching this level too and Ava got to try it out her first game with a strike out! #proudstepmama

Softball Girls Slow Pitch First Year Pitching

Softball Girls Slow Pitch Outfielder

The best part though? Sorry Ava, as much as I love watching you, I love chatting with the other Moms! So nice to reconnect and let the other kids run around and play together. A good friend (hey Julianne!) and I signed the girls up together on purpose so we could sit in chairs and chat! Add in both our hubbies helping coach makes it an awesome family night. It makes those last few weeks of school before summer so enjoyable!

// four //

Ava is one busy gal lately: softball, volleyball camp, piano, and a big state project she’s working on (shout out to my Delaware people!). Stealing time with her lately has literally been that: stealing. But I took her (and my attachment) to Justice and Old Navy last week to get a new wardrobe literally. She must have grown like 5 inches this year! We also knew she needed a ton of Florida stuff. Florals, bright & bold colors, and comfortable were on the list of must haves!

Don’t worry I have a big ole post coming about ALL of our Florida wardrobe. Stay tuned!

// five //

It’s no surprise I’ve been wonky lately. I’ve wrote about it a few times over the last few months. This school year has been one for the books. I love my students and my school, but this year was TOUGH. I’m so glad we’re 24 days and counting… Pile on this or that and I’ve been .. well Caleb said nicely I’m learning to adjust in my own way. Ha. Bless his heart.

As firm believers in Love Languages, Caleb has been working so hard to fill my bucket in every way possible: acts of kindness, gifts, quality time, you know the whole deal. If you don’t know, I highly recommend reading it. It’s amazing for marriages and motherhood. Anyway, the  treats, gifts, and just extra effort he’s made trying to help work through it all is just this amazing reminder how blessed I really am. He’ll always be my favorite ♥


What are you doing tonight? I sincerely hope you are indulging in tacos and some festivities! We have an incredibly busy weekend ahead of us! My God-Daughter is turning 3, Jack has his First Communion, and we are back into swim lessons. I also still have a ton of last minute party preps and of course, Cinco de Mayo tonight!


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  • Wednesday, I stepped into my Step Mother role for a while and talked about how we make parallel parenting work for our family and suggestions for yours!

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