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Friday Favorites Five on Friday

Bursting with joy on this FriYay! Y’all it was such a wonderful and entirely too busy of a week, but weeks like this usually make me oh so happy! The fact that we’re exactly a month out from the end of the school year and beginning of summer also has me all the jazz hands! 

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Friday Favorites

// one //

Jack received his First Communion last weekend! I have a full post coming, but there was a few little tidbits I wanted to share quickly. After Mass, he came up right away to me and asked if I saw the how the sun moved out from behind the clouds just as it was his turn. He told me he knew Jesus was with him ❤️ oh that sweet boy! 

Then we’re driving home and he’s messing around with seat buckle in the seat behind him and finds an angel pin. Jack then proceeds to tell me that it really is the best day of his life and he was so happy to be so close to Jesus. 

Seriously can’t make this stuff up! Bless his little heart! 

// two //

Big week at school! Goodness Carson and Ava were hitting the big times at school this week! 

Carson had a big “how to” speech to give, his spring concert, and DARE Graduation! I can’t believe we are weeks away from him no longer being in elementary school. Time slow down.

Ava also had the spring concert, and a state project she’s been working on for a good 6+ weeks. She nailed it of course!

Sadly I just couldn’t rearrange my work schedule enough, so Caleb and Harv attended for me. Needless to say Harv is ready to go to big kid school. 

// three //

Way late to this party, but macaroons are amazing. I’ve always seen these gorgeous pictures of macaroon towers or wedding favors or just beautifully styled photos, but I never (and I mean never) had an interest in eating one. I’m a salty or savory kind of gal, sweets eh. 

Anyway, Caleb stopped by Cosetta’s (only the most amazing little Italian eatery in Saint Paul) last week and I was only slightly jealous. To help ease my woes he brought me a mini strawberry cheesecake and Carson picked out macaroons for everyone. 

Since I try to avoid sugar with Harv, I felt obligated to eat half of his, I mean all for the good of cavity free kids, amiright? 

Welp, needless to say I’m hooked. Now I just need to find a good recipe! Macaroon towers for all the parties! 

// four //

Softball around here means 4 folding camp chairs, 1 stroller, concession stand snacks, and more friends than we know what to do with! It however does not mean a chair for Harv….. until now! His little buddy Sawyer had his very own collapsible chair to sit on at the game. When Harv saw it, I knew we’d be buying one. 

I’m loving on this one: affordable, easy, and will be here in two days! 

Can’t wait till it arrives! 

// five //

Harv and Jack are also becoming little fish as both kiddos passed their swim tests last Saturday! Jack’s butterfly arms and dolphin kick are amazing for such a little dude and I’m pretty sure Harv loves swimming class so much he’all be diving head first into both Grandma’s pools this summer. Send luck. 
Happy Mother’s Day! We mostly celebrated with my little family already as the kids are with their Mom for the weekend. But we’ll visit my Grandma and Mom on Sunday. What are your plans? I have an extra special Mothers Day post on Sunday, be sure to stop back! 

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In case you missed it!

Here’s what I hit publish on this week:

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  • Thursday, I shared a super easy and beautiful DIY for Mother’s Day! A little positive affirmations is what everyone needs.

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