5 Friday Favorites | 4

one. Fresh Cream. While in Kansas, we had a mini birthday party for me. My sister and her husband spoiled me with DQ cake, balloons, that were later attacked by the roomba and fresh cream. Never heard of it you say? Yea me either, but I’m sold now. It’s a shampoo & shower gel all rolled into one and it smells like well fresh whipped cream! It smells delicious, duh, and when I used it I’m pretty sure my skin melted into smoothness.

Fresh Cream

The adorable packaging was just an added bonus! Always good to have one of my favorite recipes on hand 😉 Fresh cream also has a lotion! Want some? Get it here. (not sponsored, just helping you out!)

two. My other sister (I have 2) had given me the spatula I was sooo wishing for here and I’m too ashamed to admit how many times it’s been used in the last few weeks. However, that’s not my favorite this week (although it is a fave) but she also gave me a gift card to go pick out some things I needed/wanted. Well I went for serrated knife and this adorable soap pump. I’ve been a farmhouse style kick. I’d say it fits right into that department!


The serrated knife (don’t sell it online) was an extreme necessity. Between two combined households, which means 2 of everything, we had 0 serrated knives. After 3 years of living together, it was about time to check that off the list. It was pretty great to finally start doing a little kitchen updating!

Future caprese sandwiches!
Future caprese sandwiches!
three. Our bed. After being away from home for a week, nothing is better than sleeping in your own bed, especially at 3:00am after a 7+ hour car ride. Home sweet home.

fourWhile we were at the Kansas City Royals baseball game last week (thanks again Jenny & Rich for the tickets and hats!), it was a late game, Harv decided he wanted to nurse and go to sleep. He nicely informed everyone about this by ripping at my shirt. Smooth Harv, smooth. So I left to go attempt and find somewhere that was quiet, cool (it was still like 95 out), and semi private. Well after searching for like 20 minutes I was just about to give up and head to the car, when the Heavens opened up and there was a “mother’s room”. I went in not expecting much and it.was.amazing! First of all, it was air conditioned that alone would’ve made me happy, but nope there’s more. There were rocking chairs (royal and white chevron of course) and they had TVs to watch the game, but on silent (so babes could relax). Little piece of heaven. Seriously it was so amazing! Babies, boobs, and baseball. Caleb even asked why I came back to our seats. Trust me I didn’t want to, but there was a line.

So impressed with KC’s family focus and perfect for World Breastfeeding Week! #goroyals

five. The kids. It was a great week for all of them. Harv is getting so big! It breaks my heart and makes it swell with pride each and every day. This week he like took off developmentally-wise. He officially walks more than he crawls. The baby gate went up yesterday, much to his demise. Seriously. He was like baby yelling at me as I did it. It was hilarious. He is doing awesome at all his signs & he’s picking up a few words now. His favorite phrase is still “hi dad”- love it. His personality is completely starting to shine through. He is totally into moving cars around on the ground, laying on his tummy to check out what he’s hidden under the couch, and lounging on the couch in the best spot. He’s also into carrying around a teddy since he saw Carson and Ava have one. That thing has been attached to him for a few days now! He’s so happy pretty much all the time and his latest food love is BBQ ribs. Welcome to the club buddy! You’ll find out soon Daddy is the best cook around.

Those baby blues melt my heart!
Ava started fall softball this week and we picked out some new cleats for her, so she’s anxiously awaiting their arrival. It’s a super short season (just 4 Tuesday night double headers) which I love! Short, easy, and totally manageable schedule wise. Plus watching her brings back the memories of all the years I played. Win win!

Carson has a birthday coming up shortly here. 11! Where? Why? How?! I met him when he was 7 and the sweetest little first grader ready to talk my ear off about his latest obsession (space shuttles at the time). Still the same ole sweet boy except now it’s minecraft minecraft and minecraft. I bet you can take a guess on what he wants for a theme. Details soon!

Jack has been at day camp all week and having a blast! More details next week once it’s all wrapped up.

Not too sure about this chicken business #citykid
Have a great first weekend in August! Caleb’s work picnic is this weekend, it’ll be interesting!



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