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one// We’ve been adulting so hard lately. And I’m rather into it. The outside of our house was blah. If we’re being honest, it still really is…BUT we’ve made some upgrades and I’m pretty happy about it. The driveway was a mess. It was awful. Old asphalt, grass growing through, rocks crumbling apart – never really been taken care of. After deciding this was not our forever home, we knew that concrete was out of the question & a completely new asphalt was not worth the return on investment. So Caleb made do with some patch work  and then resealed it. Definitely a huge improvement, but still not quite what we are hoping so we’ll do the process again next spring/summer.





Plus bonus! No more rocks flying at each other when we shovel in the winter!

two// Harv got some new moccs! I’ve been on a Christmas planning mode. They are for our Christmas card pics we’ll take here in the fall.

I ordered them last week and I just love love love them! They are by Sweet n Swag  and they are pretty much perfect. I picked out the denim style and I got a size 5/6. They have a sizing chart right on their site. You can either use the sizing chart or measure using cm/in. I used both and it was true to size. (Side-note I got the size up because I anticipate some growth and wanted them for Fall/Winter season.) They are soft soled, but have a strong support for any first time little walkers. Or any experienced walkers that just need some serious swag 😉


Not only were the shoes adorable and perfect, but the packaging was super cute too. I love me a good shoe box! Also, they shipped the next day and were here within 5 days. Super fast delivery and all was in tact. I was thrilled! Soooo, all the love but what’s the price? Get this! $20 regular price. Yep that’s it.



Bonus! My friends and family can get an extra 25% off your first order using the code MOCCS4BABES & some are even $5 off right now! Do the math that’s like $11 + tax! Go Check it out!

three//Letterboards. I’ve seen letter boards all over Pinterest and Instagram the last few weeks and I’ve been totally into them. I love them for function and I’m digging the retro style form. What I’m not digging is the price. Seriously guys! I must be a cheapo or something, because they’re upwards of $250+! Yes smaller ones are cheaper, but it wouldn’t do what I wanted. So they were pushed back in my mind.

Until, yesterday when I decided to take the kiddos to the antique stores (it was rainy, I was bored, and they had used up all their screen time, so let’s spend money ha, not really). Well lo and behold there she was in all her glory and only $40! It needed some work and was pretty dirty, but I scooped it up anyway! Once home, I cleaned it, Caleb removed the glass front so it was just the board and I’ve already got big plans for it!

Lots of room for all sorts of future awesome-ness!

Also, we love breakfast for dinner! Caleb’s homemade french toast, bacon, fruit, hash browns and Mama gets mimosas + we had awesome company this time ♥

four// Caleb’s work picnic was this past weekend & even though he was working his boss sent him outside to have some lunch and enjoy a few activities. So I packed up Harv and Jack and met him there. We had tacos, hamburgers, hot dogs for lunch. Jack did a few games. There were bounce houses that neither of the boys were into and then snow cones. Yep those were winners! Great afternoon with 3 of my boys!


five// My family was all together in MN this past week and it was awesome. My sister was in town from Kansas (read more about our recent trip here) so we all met at my parents house for dinner & swimming Monday night. It’s nice when the gang is all together, so nice in fact I chose to be in the moment vs behind the camera so sorry no pics but it was a grand time. Thanks Mom & Dad! xo


Psst… apparently, I live under a beauty rock, because the fresh cream from last week is old news! I love all the feedback and positivity you all had from it. Glad to finally be in the cool kids club 😉


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