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one// date night with Jack. It was his turn for Mom, Dad and kid date + a spare. Ok so not really 1:1 time, but Jack got to pick all the activities and he’s been waiting for weeks, so he was thrilled! But again, like Harv & the zoo he surprised me about his reaction. We intended to go out to dinner (his choice), then go-karting & bumper boats, and then I wanted a Chick-Fil-A shake, so shakes after. When we got there, he decided go-karting wasn’t his thing and opted for mini golf instead! We’ve been planning on go-karts for months! Oh well, it was all good and the smiles and thank yous were perfect.

This was before all the boys on the boats ganged up on mom and got me soaked. Go figure.
Mini golfing & bumper boats

two// olympics. We’ve been soooo into them. Caleb and I have been in overdrive lately trying to get Ava’s room finished before school, which means like zero time together lately. So we have been staying up extra late this week, enjoying snacks, a beer or two for Caleb and lots and lots of olympics. We’re addicted! Pretty sure diving is my favorite. Although, I love the kayaking & canoeing and looking forward to it starting. We also got Jack into it during the days and he had never seen synchronized swimming or water polo before. Who knew? Ha guess I better get him a little more cultured.



three// new pens! I have an addiction & I don’t intend to stop. Jk. I don’t currently need more, but I did scoop up a black tombow dual brush pen and two black fudenosuke calligraphy pens. With all the lettering I’ve been working on for back to school & the upcoming holidays I didn’t have a black. I needed a black, so 3 pens under $10. I think it’s all good. Now I just really need to make more time for it!


four// Caleb cooked and I sat on the couch with Jack and Harv. I’ve been on a malt kick lately. (Note #1 & the chick-fil-a) I also made chocolate malts earlier this week for dinner, but Caleb decided that he was going to surprise me with a few new recipes and one was a fancy malt. Yesterday, he made bacon cheeseburgers, these amazing buffalo loaded steak fries and a chocolate peanut butter shake. We all ate way too much, were stuffed all night long, and the love put into this meal was on point.


Quick recipe:

1.) Bake steak fries until almost fully cooked (he just used the pre-made frozen kind).

2.) Toss in Frank’s Hot Sauce.

3.) Smother with cheddar cheese, scallions, bacon bits (he used fresh bacon since we had some on our burgers, too) and blue cheese crumbles.

4.) Broil until cheddar cheese is melted.

5.) Devour.

My only disclaimer is this is probably all heart-attack worthy. So yea, use caution.

The peanut butter shake you ask?

1.) Add peanut butter (1/4 cup), unsweetened cocoa (3 tablespoons), caramel ice cream (3 cups), whole milk (1/4) to a blender. **It’s thick. Caleb added more milk.

2.) Drizzle cups with caramel sauce.

3.) Pour in shake & top with whip cream, crushed peanuts, and cherries.

4.) Indulge!


five// our little chef. I just love this.

Busy making smoothies. #takesafterchefdaddy
Ma, can't you see I'm busy here. Stop the paparazzi.
Ma, can’t you see I’m busy here. Stop the paparazzi.








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    1. Aww thanks Rhonda! We actually hosted Ava’s birthday party at Panera Bread Co and it was a Bakers in Training program! Chef hat, little apron and bread making. So fun! But I’ve found similar at Amazon. (Not affiliate just searched it quick!) Thanks for stopping by! Xo Sam

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