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one// fresh veggies! I am thrilled we got a few from the garden, because it was another awful year for us. Between the dry spells and flash flooding (I need to regulate better) and the rabbits & deer, the garden was a flop. But when Harvey and I went outside on Monday and I saw red, I grabbed the bucket and we went picking!


Biggest cucumbers I've ever seen!
Biggest cucumbers I’ve ever seen!

He was so fun! He climbed right in and started grabbing anything and everything. A bite here, a bite there, until he got a tomato, then the game stopped real fast. I wish I would’ve had my camera. The look on his face when he realized it wasn’t an apple was priceless! Kids.

Big bite!

two// I went out Monday night with a few good girlfriends. We met years ago when I started a new job and they were all already teaching there. They in fact were the ones to help set up Caleb and me. We went out after all the babies were in bed for some drinks (although only 2 did!) and lots of catching up. It was fun! But too long between visits. We decided to work on every other month. With 12 kids between us, we’ll see. We’ll see. Thanks ladies, love you ♥ see you at Pumpkinfest!

three// table topics. This week we started something new with the kids – table topics! As part of my 2016 goals, I wanted to be more intentional with the kids’ personal growth. Some article popped up in my Facebook feed from momastery.com about the keys to her kids heart. That dinner conversations can be better than just “how was school”. Now we know this and it’s not our go to question, but I knew compliment night was getting exhausted and we needed new material.

So I grabbed her list, threw them in a little jar Carson gifted to me during purging and lettered them table topics. The kids are always excited when new things happen around here, plus they each get to pick a question and they’re loving it! So far, we’ve talked about fears, being famous, and our perfect day. It was great to gather and vault this info too! Can’t wait to continue this one!


four// Carson’s birthday party with all his friends. It was the first sleepover we’ve ever hosted. We survived and the boys had a blast! More to come next week!


five// Last summer hurrah! We got out of dodge for a while, went to Taylor’s Falls & St. Croix Falls to go hiking, swimming and just some good ole adventure. It was a blast & I have tons of pictures. I’ll get them up asap! But not today. Stay tuned!



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Pssst! Next Thursday (September 1st) I’ll be joining Brave Love Blog for her Blogtember Challenge! Blogging a specific post everyday. Now I know this is out of my usual posting schedule & calendar soooo I’ll be posting some days, twice a day to get both my normal and the new posts in for the month. Happy extra reading! AND wish me luck! It is definitely a challenge!

10 thoughts on “5 Friday Favorites | 7

  1. Table topics is such a great idea. I feel like Will and I could definitely benefit from that some nights. and I am so glad you are doing the Blogtober Challenge too! We will definitely have to encourage eachother extra because it seems a little daunting to me right now. but we totally got this!

    1. Apparently there are actual sets of cards out there called table topics (oops on that copy right!) google it. There’s adult ones too! Yes! I’m a little daunted too. I have a few pre written. But we’ll see! I definitely got your back

  2. Those cucumbers are huge! My word! We have a garden to, and in fact I am canning some spaghetti sauce I made with the tomatoes. I just love having fresh produce. 🙂

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