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one// Jack’s health. Earlier last week, Jack had an appointment with his cardiologist and got a current clean bill of health with an extra prescription of listening to Mom (which I would like to refill daily, please). We love his doctor, but more so love the little miracle he is and that he’s doing so well. His doc did say though that some time between age 9 and 10 he needs a heart cath (catheter) to take pictures and do minor updates and ensure all is still well. That puts us about next summer. Minor operation compared to the rest, but seeing as it has been quite a while since we’ve had one, I was less than thrilled. It’s far away though, we’ll be good and I’ll take happy and healthy any day.

two// Carson’s actual birthday! Check out more posts about it here and here. We celebrated with his birthday meal wish of reuben’s (talk about apples falling far from the tree…) and he wanted funnel cake so we made this smores cake. It was horribly fattening but delicious. I swear our kids eat fruits and vegetables. At every meal, in fact. But yes, this was not our finer health moment.


He was also pretty excited to have his presents and enjoy the day with us. He is not thrilled about school or sharing his birthday with back to school night, but he’ll be ok!


three// Open House. Both Carson and Ava have new to the school teachers, so it was nice meeting them. Ava’s teacher actually taught both my sisters and my brother in law when they were in elementary school, crazy huh?! Small world.

**I blacked out teacher’s faces for privacy with all involved.

Carson is in his last year of elementary school and he has a brand new teacher. She seems nice, but like I said he isn’t thrilled about school starting.


Jack’s teacher I love! I saw her around school lots last year and think she will be great for him. Strong and structured, but kind and loving. Pretty awesome combo!

Also, this must be a standard teacher dress, because I own it and have worn it for a previous open house as well!

All the supplies are packed in lockers and desks, Carson is practicing his locker code, Ava has all her pencils sharpened, and Jack is trying to avoid me embarrassing him. So I’d say we are right on track for the year 😉

four// My niece turned 5 this week! Lots of birthdays around here lately. She wanted a “barbie birthday” and boy did my sister pull through on this one! Adorable black and pink and girly decorations, beaded necklaces for all guests, little trinket bags with lip gloss for the ladies, and big balloon bopper things!

I love the girly factor! Don’t see that much around my house.
Fancy cake box!
This kid was crazy. I worry about our future with him #partyanimal

Plus the best Barbie cake ever!

She could not take her eyes off of it!


Love her! Kindergarten for her next week! Proud Auntie ♥

five// Date night with Caleb. It was an at home date of drinks and cards on the deck and it was perfectly needed. Some times I feel like we get so wrapped up in our to do lists, the kids, or making it through the day in one piece, we forget to step back and enjoy each other. It’s all a balance and I hate to admit it but we aren’t always the best. But Last night was awesome and I also beat him in crazy 8 countdown, maybe next time babe 😉 Also, we got Harv out of our room so we read in bed! It was awesome. I’m not a huge tv watcher so it was nice to end our mini date with some quiet time together.







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