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Happy Friday! We made it through the first week of school and my last week of summer! We’re looking forward to relaxing and hitting up our church carnival this weekend!

one// Kids first day of school! I love seeing them grow and being a part of it all. The kids were their mom for this first day so Caleb met there and we both took Jack in. He was too cool though for my pics. Good thing I snapped a few at home. Little bugger.

**also a little preview of my lettering! There’s some progress there, but also some to learn 🙂



It was rainy day and Carson came home feeling sick so our normal tradition of ice cream and the park was out. We improvised with DQ at home to celebrate their successes!

All was pretty great, except Jack had a rough start. By yesterday though he was in the third grade awesome mode 😀

two// My mother in law was in town from Florida and visited us on Wednesday for dinner and watch Ava play volleyball. She even treated us all to more ice cream! Lucky kids! Two in a row. We got another little visit on Thursday and Carson and her will be together on Monday. Lots of time together!

three//New phone. I finally joined all the cool kids and got an iPhone. I used to be (still might be) a loyal Android user but I have a Mac for school with an Apple TV and got an iPad for my grad project. It was hard with pic storage and organization that they didn’t all connect smoothly and my old phone stunk so I came into the 21st century. Hello beautiful pics and saved passwords!

four//Finally got my letter board up and re did the kitchen command center!

It started like this:


But with a little planning, some power tools, and a mini helper…


Now we have this:


Loving the new arrangement! Just need something to write on the chalkboard pen holders. Suggestions?? (I’m doing it permanent..)


five//Jenny and Rich (sister and brother in law) came into town for the long weekend and brought the kids their old x-box to have. I was a little hesitant, because well … more screens? But I’m loving it. Yep hate to admit that. The kids have been super good about sharing and I’ve played a little with Jack. It’s fun meeting them at their level and interests, so fulfilling for everyone! .. even if it isn’t my favorite way. What an awesome gift! Now where’s my controller 😉



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  1. Love how you styled the mason jars! I recently received a similar piece and haven’t decided how to use it. Thanks for the ideas! – McKenzie // SomethinSouthernBlog.com

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