5 Reasons I’d be My Husband | Blogtember #13

Last week at dinner, our family table topic was “Which of your friends would you switch places with?” and it goes perfectly with Bailey’s “Who would you be for a day and why?” prompt. My answer is the same, Caleb.

Yes, there are millions of people I’d be very curious about, some Presidents, Mother Theresa, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King Jr. etc. and I would be fascinated by their life. But, Caleb, my husband, is my answer.

For those of you that are new around here, Caleb is my husband of 2 1/2 years, and I’d love to walk a day in his shoes for these 5 reasons.

  1. I still have like a zero clue what he does at work. I listen and know his coworkers and his stories, but when push comes to shove I’m clueless. Although, he offers every Friday afternoon to switch places, I have yet to take him up on it.
  2. He is fearless and enjoys life in a way that I cannot. I need life organized and planned and, well safe, he’s more flexible and easy going. I could use that.
  3. He is utterly talented and a mind reader (but not when I’m angry). The man can take my words and pictures in my head and make our house become the reality. It’s awesome. He’s talented. I love it!
  4. I think it would be great for our marriage, not that we have major issues (we don’t!), but I know firsthand that looking at life in someone else’s perspective can change how you feel. If I knew more what his day was like, how he felt, and what he thought, I believe I could be a better wife to him.
  5. I’d like to see me like he sees me. I’m blessed beyond belief, because I know that Caleb thinks the world of me 99% (and still loves me the other 1%). I think us women are naturally too hard on ourselves, so if I could look at me through his lens I know I’d feel pretty good about myself.

He’s amazing and I’m thankful every day we stumbled upon each other, but I also know there is room to grow in every relationship and since his is on the tippy top of my list I’d be my husband for the day.

What about you? Who would you be?! It could be fun! I went serious and lovey!


8 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’d be My Husband | Blogtember #13

  1. I LOVE this. I hadn’t even thought about this but I totally would want to walk in my husband’s shoes for a day to understand his job, how he processes things and yes how he sees me! This is beautiful. 🙂

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