6 Easy & Fun Gifts to Ship

Easy and Fun Gifts to Ship

A couple weeks ago was my sister’s birthday, but she lives out of state so it takes some creativity when sending her and her husband gifts. We actually have quite a few relatives that live out of state, so I’ve become a cross country gift giving pro! You get to take advantage of my expertise as I’ve rounded up a few of my absolute favorite fun and tasty gifts to send!


ONE// Sugarwish. Sugarwish is a candy gram where the recipient gets to choose the gift. Think fancy gift card. The giver chooses the candy gram size they want to send (choice of 2, 4, 8, 16 candies or ginormous refill bags) and submits the recipient’s email address. The recipient gets an email on any specific date with the gift. Then they get to choose the type of candy and it’s delivered straight to their door!

Pro: It’s a gift card so the giver chooses a comfortable price point and the recipient gets exactly what they want. Convenient for everyone.

Pro: It’s candy, duh! Sooo many candy choices! Chocolate, sweet, sour, hard candy, chewy candy, even salty and savory nuts and treats! Yum.

Pro: The giver gets to choose a specific date for email delivery, so it can be sent exactly when desired (think ON their birthday, anniversary, etc.) The recipient is guaranteed to get it on their special day.

Con: The recipient must have an email address and the giver must know it.


TWO// Piñatagram. It’s a piñata through the mail. What could be bad!? It’s simple. Pick out a piñata. Three styles to choose from: traditional llama (donkey!? Apparently I don’t know my animals) Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Enter the shipping address and write a special message. And done.

Pro: It’s a piñata. It’s fun and filled with candy! Also, super simple to order.

Con: You don’t get to pick the delivery date, so be warned. Mine was late. Boo. It also is shipped via United States Postal Service, so again be warned. It doesn’t fit in all types of mailboxes.

Con: There is no instrument for breaking the piñata. The recipient needs one. Something. Anything will do, I suppose.

popcorn factory

THREE// Popcorn Factory. My family is huge on popcorn! I love that the Popcorn Factory has decent sized canisters at a reasonable price with around 30 flavors to choose from. Salty, sweet, savory. They have it all!

Pro: The canisters come in two sizes: a 5 oz small individual size and then a 12 oz sharing size. Choose your liking!

Pro: So many flavors! White Cheddar, Cheesy Jalapeño, and Birthday Confetti are among my top picks.

Con: The Popcorn Factory is a part of 1-800-Flowers.com so you have a million ads and hoops to jump through to order online. Psh. I don’t like that. I like ordering from the magazine. It’s much easier.

FOUR// Edible Arrangments. Sending flowers is not my deal, mainly because I’m allergic. However, a floral arrangement of delectable fruit?! Sign me up.

Pro: Everything I’ve said has lots of different choices to suit the recipients needs, but this one takes them all. The amount of combinations of fruit, floral design, toppings, sizes, and flavors is no small feat. There literally is something for everyone.

Pro: The giver is able to pick the delivery date. So important if it’s sent as a gift!

Con: These are big money and top out as the most expensive on the list. I’ve been told that the items I picked out have been more than plenty, so maybe a smaller (and more budget friendly item) is completely ok!

Con: If there isn’t a brick and mortar store within delivery distance, you can’t order online. Since the items are made fresh daily and shipped & delivered the same day, there has to be a store available. They claim to have over 1200 stores, so potentially not an issue? Not sure. Just want to warn you.


FIVE:// Box Subscriptions. There’s a million out there, just pick the recipient taste and style and go for it.

Pro: Can be food related or non food related. Men. Women. Kids. And everything in between. There’s seriously a box for everyone.

Pro: Along with a type for everyone, there is also a price for everyone. Box subscriptions can be fit any budget.

Con: The giver can get trapped into a monthly subscription and automatic payments and that can end in disaster for balancing a checkbook.


SIX// Amazon Prime. OK no need to explain this at all, obviously this is not new, and everyone knows about it. But it is definitely the easiest way to shop. Pick something, ship to the recipient’s address for free, and done. It can even be gift wrapped!


Hopefully, this gives a great start to finding that perfect gift for someone special! Any go to ideas you have that I forgot? Comment below and I’ll add them in!

psst. NOT sponsored. I just love these ideas and wanted to pass it along to help you out!

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