8 Gifts for a Special Woman on Mother’s Day

8 Mothers' Day Gifts Personalized Step Moms Etsy

Mother’s day is just around the corner! For Mother’s it may mean a day of rest, relaxation, and pampering. For the rest of us, it also means still being a Mom, you know Mom chores. However, for those that don’t quite hold the title of “Mom” it can be a really hard day.

As a Step-Mom I am also acutely aware of how it impacts us step-mamas. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband, who acknowledges my role as Mom and Step-Mom and I have a wonderful step-son (good ole Carson) who always makes me a gift in school. Thinks aren’t so simple for Ava. I respect that.

Sadly, Caleb and I have also had to work through the loss of two babies, so I’m always aware of the effects of loss of motherhood, as well. Like I said, Mother’s Day isn’t always so pleasant for all.

But… there can be some wonderful additions and I’ve rounded up a few of my current favorites  from Etsy! (Psst… these are not sponsored. Just loving on them!)

8 Mother’s Day Gifts to Give

8 Personalized Gifts Mother's Day Etsy

// one //

Sound bar necklace // I love this as it’s simple, dainty, and it can represent so much. The shop has it listed as the heartbeat of a baby. For someone who has experienced the loss of a baby, this could be such a meaningful way of remembering. I also thought it would be so cute to have the sound wave of your little one saying “I love you Mom”. So many lovely options.

// two //

Watercolor Portraits // This is my dream. I want a watercolor portrait of my clan; however since we haven’t decided if we are “done” I don’t want to buy one yet. Seriously though, so beautiful and so thoughtful. I also thought this would be perfect for those pet mamas, think how cute this would be with a little weiner dog ♥

**I was fortunate enough to get a personalized Fourth of July plate from my MIL, that I cannot wait to share. Two is totally ok, though. Amiright?

// three //

Mom Tote // Every women has stuff. Moms have too much. Plus the saying pretty represents any suburban mom: “Messy Bun. Leggings. Target. Starbucks. #Momlife”. Nothing more needed.

// four //

Matching Shirts // Mama Bear, Baby Bear, plus a little aztec style. I’m all about it! Matching is the best with little ones. Big ones are so into it, so take advantage when they’re little! There’s also a Papa Bear one available. Hint hint Daddys!

// five //

Name Bar Necklace // I love this simple, modern and slightly trendy necklace. This one can be personalized with any name and doesn’t necessarily connect to just a “Mom” so it can be super versatile. A child’s name, a step-child, a pet, a spouse, a god mama (!) etc. so many choices! Rose gold is my current favorite!

// six //

Wooden Personalize Plaque // This one is a little more rustic style, but I still love the personalized factor. I also really like the sentiment “My Greatest Blessings Call Me Mom”. Although I’m lucky enough to have a few extra blessings that don’t call me Mom, I still think it’s a lovely piece of art.

// seven //

Step Mom Keychain // This one is really special to me. A lot of Step Moms I know get forgotten or sadly ignored on Mother’s Day, as the kids have a “real” Mom to be with. I don’t get to see the kids on Mother’s Day as its their mom’s legal parenting time, so I do miss them dearly, but like I said before, they do good making sure I feel the love before or after. Anyway, what a beautiful sentiment and simple idea. It’s small, so feelings won’t get hurt, but still loving and considerate: “We may not have your genes, but you will always have our ♥”. So sweet.

**Step-Mother’s Day is actually celebrated the Sunday after Mother’s Day. The jury is still out how I feel on this. 

// eight //

Personalized Stackable Rings // Gah I love these! When we are “done”, I’m so getting these. I love how dainty and delicate they are. It’s also replicates the name necklace bar (#5), but in a smaller way and well, duh it’s a ring. I think I could get 5 on one finger ha! Anyway, these top out as my absolute favorite on the list. Rose gold again for the win!


Any ideas I missed that you’re loving on? Please share and let’s show all those lovely women in our lives lots of love. Happy shopping!

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  1. I loveeee stacking rings! I told my husband that one day for one of our big anniversaries I want stacking rings with all our kids’ names on it <3

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