8 Ways to Decorate for Halloween for Under $10

Halloween seems to be the forgotten holiday around here, mostly for my own fault. I always have great ambition to DIY costumes at the beginning of October, to decorate for Halloween as soon as Ava’s birthday has sufficiently been celebrated, and do all these amazing crafts with the kids. But somehow reality hits and I tend to throw some decorations up, I DIY costumes usually a day or so before Halloween, crafts, forgot about it, but I do manage to thoroughly celebrate Ava!

With Halloween just a week away, I have rounded up a few decorating ideas for us procrastinators (in true Sam form I perform best under pressure). And the bonus is I found or completed them all for under $10 each!


one// Chalkboard signs. We all have them. Use them! I rotate our sign with each passing holiday, celebration, or reminder of how awesome my people are. If you don’t have them, you can find cute plain ones just about anywhere on the cheap! Price for me: Free!

two// Towels. Change out the kitchen towels, the bathroom towels, the dog towels! Um wait. We don’t have a dog, but I imagine they use towels somewhere. Either way, you can find cute seasonal towels at Target, Walmart, or the like for easily under $10. I’m loving on these cat ones from Kohls. Find them here for $5.60.

three// Happy Haunting Sign. I saw this at Homegoods a few weeks ago and it was on clearance for $7.00. I knew it would come home. Style with a pumpkin candle we already had and the bathroom became a little more festive! I realize that not everyone can go out and buy this, but really it’s a small board, a burlap cover, and paint. You could easily DIY that under $10.00. Or just get lucky like me!

four// Halloween signs. We have a big hanging clock in the main entryway that come every second (or third week) in October (cue the procrastination) gets replaced with a big Happy Halloween sign, much to Caleb’s demise. He much prefers the clock as we rush out the door. Luckily for him it doesn’t last too long. Mine was a post season clearance purchase a few years ago from Joann’s, but they have their end of season clearance going on now! This one is only $4.50!

five// Kitchen Styling. The entire thing was the most expensive just sitting at $10.00. Yep that’s it. We don’t have a fireplace in our house, shame, so I decided to start decorating our kitchen shelves. I replaced our family pictures with printables I found online for … free. The trick or treat banner was in the Target dollar spot for $3.00 and the mini pumpkins each were $.89 and the pumpkin sign I grabbed for $3.00 from Walmart. With tax it just hit the $10.00. Beware though! Messing with pictures means the potential for falling frames immediately after taking pictures. Grr.. RIP Owl Picture.


six// Chalkboard Pumpkin. How cute is this?! I don’t own it, but I feel like we should. Oh the possibilities! Think of all the lettering that could be done with it! And for only $6.00 it’s a steal!

seven// Spiders. We have a banister from our front entry to the upstairs I like to decorate as you see it immediately when you come in the house. This year I have purple lights and I planned on having little spiders hanging between each baluster, but after hanging 3 and the Harv decided they were perfect toys (think cat swatting action) I gave up and was content with 3. Since the week has gone by, I currently am left with one. Hence the lonely spider in the picture. Cost if all were hung: $3 for a pack of 8 spiders. Thread I already owned.

eight// Spooky books. This was another “I saw this and need to have this”, but still have yet to find a place for them. A spooky bookshelf or front table would be perfect though! You can find them here on clearance from Michaels for just under $7.00!

There you go, 8 different ideas to bring a little more Halloween into your home and in an affordable, but not cheap way! How do you decorate? Are you more proactive and prompt?! Can’t wait to see and hear your ideas!


psst.. none of this is sponsored! Just loved the decorations and wanted to pass the ideas along to you!

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