A Day in the Life of      |     Blogtember #10

Today’s prompt is a day in the life of! So I’ll just be using my app and updating as the day goes. All raw unedited reality! Just the way I like it. So keep stopping back as the day goes! 

6:00am – Harvey wakes up and we play a game of negotiations as I beg for more sleep. Rather quickly I get out of bed, as Caleb who got home from work at 2am needs his sleep. 

Ignore the malicious mosquito attacked face. 

7:00am Breakfast. Harvey is the epitome of hangry. Jack wakes up and reads for a while. 

Yogurt mess. A new habit. Grr. 

8:00am I have changed diapers, got the boys dressed, cleaned up breakfast, and started laundry. I try to keep them quiet so Caleb can sleep but I lose this battle every Saturday. 

Always my helper pushing the buttons!  

9:00am We spend the rest of the morning, before Caleb wakes up and Harvey’s nap playing downstairs. Since he is sleeping, I’ll clip Harvey’s nails (my absolute least favorite thing about parenting- doesn’t help my record is 0 for 2 on kids being hurt but that’s a post for another day) and finish up any quiet chores. 

10:00am I spent nap getting ready for the day and now Caleb and Harv are awake so the day will begin! 

11:00am Caleb is off to work now. His schedule is flexible and he slept later than normal. After Caleb left I got the boys a morning snack since we’ll be eating later than normal, too. 

12:00 pm finished up vacuuming and heading out for the church carnival! 

2:00pm The carnival was a blast! It was the first time going since we switched churches so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Kids games were free, every kid won something (I’m torn about, yes it’s fun but do they really need more stuff?). We had hamburgers and walking tacos (tacos in a bag) and homemade cherry pie! It was amazing. We checked out the silent auction, farmers market/craft fair, and Harv got a tat. In the same spot, quite possibly same outfit, as Jack’s first! It was a great afternoon, now home for Harvey’s nap and finish laundry. Also, it was chilly out so fall is definitely in the air!!

4:00pm While Harvey napped, I finished cleaning the house, did some more laundry then hung out with Jack. However, Harvey woke up and needed some extra cuddles so that’s where I got stuck for the last while 😉 

5-8:00 pm This time is always the craziest around here. I made dinner, which was buffalo chicken pasta (regular fettuccine) for the kids and corn. With Harv taking a later nap, we decided to bring Caleb dinner at work. I packed it all up (in my fave 31 thermal!) and off we went. Once home, we cleaned up toys, did baths/showers and books before bed. Both will be sleeping by 8:30pm. 

8:30-10:30pm I’m signing off for the night! I’ll be cleaning up the kitchen, getting life ready for the next day, and preparing my work for my students on Monday! Then getting some much needed sleep & praying Harv sleeps better now that 2 teeth have poked through. 

Sweet dreams!

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