A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Fall is my favorite time of the year, that really should be no surprise if you’ve been following along at all to our blog. However, I’ve never, yes never, been to an official pumpkin patch until this year. Hear me out, before you gasp too loud.

My mother enjoys gardening and always grew us our own pumpkins in the backyard and as soon as they started to grow we always got to pick our own out and watch it as the season changed. As we got older, she would still grow us pumpkins then send them on over to wherever we lived. Yea pretty sweet deal. But it also meant never needing to go somewhere to pick them, well besides the backyard. I don’t think that really counts.

Then 2 years ago when Jack started at a new school they had a fundraiser at a local family farm in October to pick pumpkins (as in there they all are nicely lined up, you can just grab one type deal). We’ve attended each year, until this year, when we couldn’t fit it in the schedule. Again, no picking involved. Well, from the line up. But I really wanted the kind where I break it off the vine myself!

So when the kids had time off, I convinced Caleb this was the year to actually go out to a pumpkin farm into the fields and pick our own and oh.my.gosh this will forever be a new tradition. It made us all so happy!

Ava has some skills. She should do this more often.

Side-note. MN gets a bad rap for all our snow and cold and yes it’s not fun, but all the bad is 100% outweighed by FOUR legitimate seasons with Fall topping out as thee most beautiful. The weather is crisp, the trees really are in full Autumn colors of reds, oranges, yellows, and the sweetest hints of the goodbye greens. Throw in our 10,000 lakes and rolling hills and it really is God’s country. When we pulled up to the farm, I was in Heaven.

Dehn’s Farm really came through on the beautiful MN Fall! Plus they had all sorts of activities: a corn pit, a corn maze, bounce houses, hay rides, treats to buy, a little Halloween boutique, and of course pumpkins to actually go and pick!

Harvey was sooo not into the corn pit at first. He did not like the sinking and was definitely unsure of what I made him sit in, but it did not take long watching the big kids for him to realize it was the greatest thing ever! He was only ok with leaving with the promise of cows and a hay ride. Ok not really on the hay ride, it was the cows.



Success! A smile.

Carson, Ava and Jack all loved the corn pit far more than Caleb and I ever would’ve realized! They also took advantage of the bounce house and slide. They really wanted to do the corn maze, but the evenings get dark so fast now it just wasn’t in the books for us this time around.

She would’ve stayed here the whole time I bet.

We did sneak in a hay ride with these three goofy kiddos. It makes me sad how fast they are growing and how little they let me take pictures of them any more. Time. All so bittersweet.


After a few more bounces and trips down the slide, it was time we picked out pumpkins!

He’s in the “I do it” phase. Oh joy.


Sitting on a pumpkin definitely qualifies as a claim.

After we chose what was left, because really it’s only a week and half till Halloween, we paid and bolted for the warm car! Love me some auto start. It was the perfect evening!

Are you a pumpkin patcher or are you a grocery store buyer? Both have their plusses! And both require some pumpkin skills (and timing!). Happy last week before Halloween!



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