Anybody else feeling funky lately?

Funky Feelings Winter Blues

Last week I mentioned there was a few reasons I’d been feeling funky lately. I also promised a good story about the police coming to the house, and well it’s not like it happens every day, so read on for the details!

// Knock at the Door //

Last summer we replaced our front door for very good reason – there was no window to see who was coming and it was old and drafty. Since having the door with a window it’s been a mixture of emotions whether it was actually a good idea to see everyone coming to the door. This was one of those times I was thankful and well, not all at the same time.

A few Saturdays back, I was cleaning the house as Harvey napped and Jack played on the xbox. It was Saturday and cleaning day, so I was still in my PJs. With no real plans, I never thought twice. Until the door knocked. Since we have a sign that is supposed to scare away visitors, I was already shocked by the situation. As I walked down the stairs, my heart stopped as the person I saw on the other side of the window was a Police Officer. My first thought literally went to my husband is dead, which given the circumstances of his job, it’s entirely possible this would occur.

I trembled (and attempted at covering myself – um PJs remember!) as I fumbled open the door. I somehow managed a “hello” as I’m still sure my heart wasn’t beating at this moment. He asked to speak to Caleb. As soon as the words came out of his mouth my fear went to confusion, because obviously he wasn’t dead but now why do the Police want my husband!?

A neighbor of Caleb’s Dad had called as both his cars were in the driveway but no one had seen or heard from him in weeks. Now, we knew he was going on vacation sometime in March for a week, but we also knew that the last few calls/check ins Caleb had made to him weren’t answered. As a man that lives on his own, Caleb and I have always been concerned there could be an issue.

// the outcome //

The Police needed Caleb’s help in locating his Dad and entering the house to check on him. After a few short minutes and a few phone numbers exchanged, Caleb was en route to his Dad’s house. At this point both of us were praying Caleb wouldn’t be finding his Dad on the floor. Thankfully, all was ok and there was information on the calendar about his travel plans and he would be returning that night.

Caleb did check in the next morning and told his Dad all about the previous days happenings. We know will make sure we always know his whereabouts in the future!

// Insurance Woes //

That same week, Caleb received an update at work through HR that our insurance provider and Children’s Hospitals and Clinics have broken their contract and will no longer be an in network hospital, as they can’t ageee on a fair price.

First of all, I get it. Both are a business trying to earn a profit and continue their company with longevity. Money is needed to make that to happen.

But, I’m so frustrated and scared. Caleb’s company provides one of the best plans in MN. Since we have, not just one, but TWO children with high need medical care, it’s important! They both have gone to Children’s since they were born (Jack even in utero!) and it’s all we know. To separate us from our doctors and medical care is the scariest thought.

Just as a reminder: Carson has severe Hemophilia (a bleeding disorder) and Jack was born with HLHS (essentially a half of a functioning heart). Serious business here.

// possible solutions //

  • New job (We’ll most likely pay tons more in premiums and benefits, and hope Children’s is in network).
  • Find new doctors (You have no idea how scary and worrisome that is, well unless you’ve been there.)
  • Pay out of network hospital and clinic charges (bling bling baby).
  • Hope, pray, plead, file grievances etc. until they compromise (We don’t ultimately have much control over this).

The news first dropped a few weeks back and since then I think we’ve both mentally come to terms with things. Everyone we’ve talked to said most likely it’ll all get sorted out and just be patient. Easier said than done people!

We have looked for other hospitals and clinics that can provide similar care. Thankfully, we do live in the state with one of the best hospitals in the country… and even have a friend that lives in the area to offer their house when we need to travel. We have been making plans to finish all the big medical care we knew we needed this year prior to July when the contract closes. We don’t want to switch and are hopeful we don’t need to either, but time will only tell.

// Winter Blues //

Little things have just been piling up and it always hits around the “winter blues” time of the year. Spring is attempting at making its preview, but not quite committing to winter being finished. There is definite research about happiness in winter and I believe being cooped all winter is not good for anyone, but it just seemed like extra things hit us in March (plus that flu! blah!). Luckily we’re working on solutions and the weather has been awesome lately, goodbye winter! Goodbye blues!


Any insurance thoughts or recommendations? We really would LOVE the input there! It’s a huge anxiety for me at the moment. I just want all our babies safe! Or have you experienced something similar and all turned out well! Positive vibes are appreciated too!

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