Ava’s Room Reveal!

Ok so I’ve tempted you and teased you and made tons of promises about showing you Ava’s room, well I finally am showing you the big reveal on all the progress. Just like any project, it’s progress not completion that makes me happy. We still have a few minor projects to do, but overall we’re mostly finished and she’s 100% moved in!

Let me take you back a while to get the WHOLE story. Ava’s room was the previous owner’s office. It was weird. Sorry. But it was. They used a counter top as a desk that went from one side of the room to the other. It was immediately removed the weekend we moved in since a bed had to actually fit in the room, but the marks were still there. It had a drop down ceiling, crooked walls, peeling sheetrock, a drafty window and that was just the beginning. The real issue came with the shower.

The extensive remodel┬ástarted with a leaky shower, that molded the framing in the bathroom, that spread to Ava’s room that forced us to fully remodel her whole room.

Note the arrows pointing to the chips and peels. That’s the counter top.
It was cramped and overcrowded and just an overall disaster.

Our mood board and inspiration was pink and teal. I wanted teal walls originally, but she didn’t and it was her room so pink it was.

Caleb single handedly demoed (ok he got help there, that’s the fun part!), framed, sheet rocked, raised the ceiling, moved pipes, wiring, etc.


Are you ready?! Ta da! Welcome to a major upgrade!

Welcome! (There’s actually curtains now!)

My favorite DIY ever.
We are planning on a mirrored door to cover the electrical panel.
The closet is still a work in progress.

Caleb’s Mom painted this for Ava years ago, so I reframed and matted it and love it!


He is my hero. I hope Ava knows one day how hard that man worked to give her something beautiful. I’ll update you with final pictures once those other projects wrap up!


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