Back to the Beginning

Either welcome or welcome back! Here’s a fast recap to get you all caught up again or a hey this is how it goes around here deal!

We had our lovely blog you’re looking at since 2014, amazing right? Wrong. Well,  mostly wrong.

It was amazing. Caleb and I did lots of projects and spent many nights sitting at our computers telling you all about it. It was fun! We loved watching our house become our own and love spending all the time together. That all came to a grinding halt when we found out I was pregnant – we’ll talk more about that adorable project another day. He was and is fantastic news that we were thrilled about!

But, I had horrible morning sickness, just got a new job, and was still enrolled in grad school at that time. I was busy and sick. Caleb was amazing. He took over all the house chores, did the dad thing pretty much 100% of the time and 16 long weeks later I was finally starting to feel better. By then it was the holidays and preparation for little peanut mode. Oh also, a ginormous leak in the downstairs shower led to a complete demolition of one bedroom and half the bathroom. Things were crazy around here. And after some much needed prioritizing, our lovely little section of the world fell way side.

Once the peanut arrived, still more to come on him,  life went faster – if even possible! Summer sports, swim lessons, summer school, newborn, and still trying to enjoy summer led to little progress around the house and lots of frustrations for the Caleb and me. I was ready to call it quits and move on. Literally. “Let’s move” was my daily mantra.

Instead, I mostly shifted my focus, decided to try and find the love again [with the house, not the family 😉 ] so here we are again.

All pretty amazing UNTIL I found out [rookie mistake] that hosts only keep your content so long. Whomp whomp. Goodbye beautiful posts and all our hard work.

So it’s back to the beginning again! Some of our house is where we like it. Some is a work in progress and well some may never get done, but we have 4 kids,  2 full time jobs, and I’m still in grad school so we’re coming to terms with this last one.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful but chaotic life; we sure do!

update: on Harv found here, here, and here



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