Birthday Wishes!

In honor of my upcoming birthday, check out a few of things on my wish list!
birthday wishes


Leather handbag
$33 –

Robert Welch kitchen dining
$25 –

1.) As I continue to work on my lettering practice, I’ve fallen in love with the dual brush pens ♥ but they can be pretty chunky to write with so I also requested the fudenosuke hard and soft tips to test those out, too!

2.) A new bag/diaper bag is a must have around here. First, Harv’s water exploded in my other bag (thankfully just water, but it’s seen better days..). Second, with our upcoming trip I want a cross body for hands free access. Combine baby wearing and cross body bags means the perfect combo to still hold Caleb’s hand or help the other ones out!

3.) I used to wear watches 24 hours a day, then I relied on my phone for the time, then the kids. I think it’s time for another watch. The casual grey with the more feminine rose gold is giving me all the heart eyes!

4.) Harv got a good whack at my old glasses and at the rate in which I lose or break sunglasses I never pay more than $20 a pair. These fit perfect with my current love with the rose gold!

5.) I bake. A LOT. And yet one of these does not exist in my household. Yes, we had one at our wedding and I’m pretty sure it’s still at the venue till this day..oh well. I love the sleek and modern lines of this one!

Counting down the days till I hit my last year in my twenties! Eeks.


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