Goals | Blogtember #2

Today is Day 2 of the Blogtember Challenge with sweet Bailey over at Brave Love Blog! Day 2 is all about goals. I have 2 sets to share this month!

First, let’s recap my goals from August.

August was pretty slow for us comparatively speaking. Mainly just working on house projects, getting prepared for back to school, birthdays, and just relaxing and enjoying those last few summer moments.

goal 1: be more positive with the children & encourage their growth.

Jack had his date this month, which was super fun and nice to cross off the list (not that it’s about ensuring we do it, but sometimes we need to write things down so they actually happen…). We really make an effort to spend 1:1 or as close to 1:1 time with each kid as much as possible. Just because there are lots of kids doesn’t mean we want them lost in the masses! Ha. Next up will be Carson’s.

We also had a few day trips just to get away with the kids and focus solely on being with them. We get lost so quickly in remodeling or house keeping, sometimes we just want to get lost with the kids and have fun.

Lastly, we started table topics and the kids are having a blast with it! It’s nice to focus our family meals on more than just manner reminders, “how was your day” conversations, and eating. Again, focusing on soaking up each moment we have with our little people.

Do we fail? Sure do. Just like every other parent out there. We make mistakes, we hold on too tight, we let go too easily, but we are trying each day to do the best we can for them and I hope one day they see and feel the love we have. Because that’s what it’s really all about.

goal 2: be more creative and allow time for the projects we have and want to have.

Hmmm. Caleb is still in high gear on house projects which is great to cross them off the list. I’ve been working on lettering as much as I can, which I really need to post about because I think I finally found success with it! But mainly, there’s not a lot of time and when there is I’ve kind of failed, like pinterest fail style. That I should also share, because honestly – it’s so awful it’s funny.

goal 3: dates. more dates.

We sucked at this one. Big time. I think we saw each other even less than normal. Whomp whomp. Good thing we have a pretty solid love for each other and respect for our current chaotic life style. But we did manage a mini date at home last night.

goal 4: finish grad school. 

Complete read here.

goal 5: document life more. it all goes so fast. 

Tons of pictures! Working on getting shutterfly books for the kids for Christmas. I’ve done 1 every year for Jack and started with Harvey, too. But Carson and Ava have been hinting like big BIG time they want one. So I’ve been working on some for them.. shh! The bummer part though is that on my computer I have only recent pictures. Caleb computer with all the pictures he was given went capoot (I need to do some handiwork with that) and he does not have all of them from when they were babies. I’ll do my best, but I hope it is enough.

goal 6: find and stick to a prayer schedule.

With a more rigid schedule around here, I have a plan going and I think it’s been mostly a success. Again, finding quiet time to reflect and pray without a child interrupting is a challenge. All in due time.

Ok I said there was 2 parts! So part 2 is my fall goals – aka fall bucket list! Oh my gosh I’m so excited for everything fall!




9 thoughts on “Goals | Blogtember #2

  1. I love the fall bucket list! Yes to all of them! And every time you mention your attempts at calligraphy and hand lettering I mean to tell you about one of my best friends who has an amazing calligraphy business, http://www.allshewrotenotes.com/, you should definitely check it out. I know she is adding online tutorials and you would love her instagram!

  2. LOVE your fall list! I can hardly wait for the weather to cool down a bit! And I am hoping to be more intentional with praying for my husband this month. I am using some prayer cards that have really helped me stay intentional!

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