How Inspiring! | Blogtember #27

Today we are talking inspiration. Things that inspire, move, and motivate me. Well, there is no one more inspiring, selfless, and loving than Mother Theresa. I have a large ginormous extra large poster size print of this quote. (I still have yet to actually hang it, but it exists!) Anyway, I try to live this withRead more

Guest Post! | Blogtember #26

I recently found myself in a situation that I would rather not be in. I’m the sister Sam mentioned back here, on which ice cream flavor would you be. I’m the “rocky road” sister. I am currently in a state of transition; going from married to single, from SAHM to hopefully working mom, and fromRead more

Reviews | Blogtember #25

Happy Sunday all! Today’s prompt is reviewing a product, book, or service. I currently have not read anything I’m going to suggest to grown adults (although we are really loving the boxcar children!). I’ve also recently reviewed a bunch of products, so I’m sending you there today. Enjoy and tomorrow is a special day! SooooRead more

Recreating Beauty | Blogtember #24

Today’s prompt is all about recreation of anything! And I’m going to screw it up again. Here’s why. A while back (like weeks), I was scrolling instagram videos of lettering and calligraphy and I stumbled upon a tutorial of this project I instantly fell in love with. It looked easy, made sense, and I had allRead more