It’s a BOY! A long overdue birth story of our sweet baby boy!

Birth story, labor and delivery, baby #3

If you remember (way long ago, how does time travel so fast?!) back a month now, I did a little guessing game on our surprise gender baby. Caleb and, now I’ll admit that we both 100% thought it was a girl. Oh BOY we’re we wrong…. again! Ha no more guessing for us. I loveRead more

It’s time to meet this babe.

I’m officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been and if you ask anyone around me, I’m less than thrilled about this fact. Now, I FULLY realize a baby is a miracle and the most precious gift anyone could receive. I’ve seen the other side of it all and it isn’t pretty, I promise you. ButRead more

A few thoughts on being MIA.

Hi all. It’s been eons. There’s been lots going on and I feel compelled to explain, both for you and really for me. You know, some sort of justification for disappearing. First and foremost, I wanted to. Somewhere in my heart and mind, my mentality towards writing, blogging, and social media changed. I didn’t likeRead more