5 Friday Favorites | 32

Friday Favorites Five on Friday

It’s FRI-nally Friday! It’s been oh so good to get back to blogging this week and our normal routine. Getting back into the swing of work again always is bittersweet. Nice to feel settled again, but work? Meh to that. My Friday Favorites this week is one big post of catch up! Also, I have aRead more

5 Friday Favorites | 31

Friday Favorites Five on Friday

It’s Friday! Ok technically Thursday…but let’s pretend! I am (cross your fingers!) transferring my blog over this weekend to a new hosting set up and wanted this posted before the big change. I’m hoping it lessens the chaos and any potential hiccups! Wish me luck. Until then, enjoy my (0nly 3….long week people) favorites! one// UrbanRead more

5 Friday Favorites | 30

I apparently definitely and completely jinxed us Minnesotaners last week and I am oh so excited about it! Snow is a coming! This Mama is happy. The last few weeks of 60º has been the absolute best way to break up the long and usually dreary February, but I miss my winter. It’s back! I will attest thatRead more

5 Friday Favorites | 29

I am finally on the mend, people. It honestly took a full 7 days but there are no more fever, chills, stuffy nose, or sore throat. 7 days. Ick. Hence my current MIA status on just about everything in life. I’m so thrilled for the weekend for a million reasons and can’t wait to share themRead more