Time to Start Fresh with April Goals

Goals April 2017

A few things I need to check in with first on this lovely April morning. Some good, some well just straight up ugly. First of all, when I changed over my theme and design last week, it was brought to my attention (Thanks Sierra!) that my comments weren’t working. I added attempted to add anRead more

Goals and Changes! 

First of all, for my new readers, welcome! So glad you’re here, it’s a great day to start! For my long lasting friends, you may have noticed my hiatus on Wednesday posting this month. I’d like to explain. Changes are coming! Be excited! Although we were plagued with the flu AND some awful cold typeRead more

Setting February 2017 Goals

It’s February and I’m ready to tackle some new goals (and some repeat offenders…)! Read about January’s goals here or here. Just like every other month, it’s very full with activities and plans, but I know we can squeeze a few goals in there and work towards them as well! one//Help Caleb finish Ava’s room.Read more

January Goals Update


I decided to change things around this year a little and make goals for each month and a word to focus me through out the year. I’m not a resolution girl at all and I’m not really into exercising (blasphemy, I know! Wait.. does chasing a crazy toddler count? I could go pro.), and I’mRead more