The Kids Behind the Blog | December 2016

Caleb and I somehow got sooo behind on everything! We have zero (yes ZERO) presents under the tree and the Christmas cards are sitting on my desk waiting to be mailed. I decided to take today off from work and be an elf with Caleb. We are headed out to buy all the kids presentsRead more

Week |end| Rewind 3

This weekend was just as busy and holiday filled as last week and the week before! Although I had planned to take the boys to the Christmas Train on Saturday, I ended up scratching that plan because I was running on under 5 hours of sleep, had an extra 8 hours of work to finishRead more

The Great Room Switcheroo | 2

An update on the bedroom switching is WAY overdue. As I looked back, I realized it’s been officially since August, but a mini update in September. It’s time. First, let’s check in with Harvey and Jack. The room has made a few tweaks over the last few months. Harvey’s mobile was added and hung aboveRead more