The Great Room Switcheroo | 1

We are in the middle of a huge bedroom rearranging situation. Caleb is in overdrive to finish Ava’s remodel before school starts and get her out of Carson’s room. I’ve been preparing to cut the umbilical cord and get Harvey intoย Jack’s room from being in our room. So the house is pretty much in completeRead more

Harvey’s First Trip to the Zoo

I decided to be adventurous and brave the weekend crowds. Usually I avoid, because I can and its great for the sanity. However, Harv has been teething like crazy & frustrated with my current lack of ability to decipher his “words”. ย So, I was going insane. We needed to escape (crowds seemed more appealing thanRead more

Camp Odayin – Camp for Kids with Heart Disease

Jack has hypo plastic left heart syndrome. He was born with a heart anomaly & happily and healthily lives to tell the tale. Mostly. He has zero recollection of any it besides stories and pictures and books I’ve told him. But he is happy and healthy. **If you want to know more about what heRead more