Currently | Blogtember #4

Happy Sunday! It’s day #4 of Bailey’s Blogtember Challenge!

The weekend is almost over and Caleb will be home shortly. It’s always my favorite time of the week. I’m preparing for the week ahead and shortly my family will be all back together! So currently I’m…

Reading… My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis. Yes it is Harvey’s. We read it 100 times a day. It’s the only book I’ve got on the docket. I love oogling over all the lists I read and stash them away for when life slows down a little.
Playing… Stickbot and legos with the big boys.
Watching…nothing. Not really a tv person if Caleb isn’t home.
Trying… to enjoy the last few moments of summer while frantically preparing for the school year for both the kids and myself.
Cooking… chicken to make homemade chicken salad for tomorrow’s lunch.
Eating… Shark fruit snacks. I have an addiction. Don’t judge.
Drinking… Water. After going completely dairy free with Harvey for 10+ months, I have zero interest in milk and I tend to avoid caffeine when possible, so water (and not sparkling nor infused) is my go to. Pretty boring I know. But I also always feel so good when I drink tons of water.
Calling… no one. I don’t usually call people unless it’s my students and my work phone died on me on Friday! It’s a sign I shouldn’t work on the weekend I guess.
Texting… memes. I’m 99% sure it’s Caleb’s second love language.
Pinning… Christmas pic outfits. So excited for these!
Going… crazy. That’s a given.
Loving… my family. I can’t get enough of them. I’m pretty darn lucky!
Hating… the silence. Yes I know. Strange. I love my people and they aren’t around right now.
Thinking… how many days till Christmas vacation….
Feeling… like I could use a nap or a glass of wine. Maybe both. Probably both.
Hoping (for)… safety for my mother in law & (step) father in law. They live in Florida and will be traveling to visit us this week!
Listening (to)… Goo Goo Dolls. Always.
Celebrating… Ava’s room being wrapped up! Just days away and she’s in.
Considering… what I want to be when I grow up. I love being a teacher and a mom, but sometimes I want more. I just don’t know what or where. And definitely NOT soon. Life is too good right now.
Starting… to plan lessons for my students. One more week!
Finishing… summer tomorrow.

What about you?


8 thoughts on “Currently | Blogtember #4

  1. haha I love that you said memes are his love language… I feel the same way about Gifs with my sisters… they always find the perfect ones for our text convos! And yes to fruit snacks! I love anything gummy!

    1. Yes exactly! After so long cooking dairy free. It was a change to go back and some stuff I just enjoy better dairy free. I feel great and lost tons of weight. Possibly too much, but anyway thanks for stopping by!

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