Dream Vacations | Blogtember #9

Today’s prompt is easy. If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Too Easy. Ireland.

However, in case you forgot, I’m a work at home teacher with 4 kids so yea not happening any time soon. A girl can dream, am I right? Lovely hill sides, Irish food (Caleb, think of the Reuben’s!), the music, the views. I’m sold.



So dreamy, right? Peter Cox does amazing photography of Ireland.

Ok, I’m back in reality. Our budget and time being away from kids just doesn’t match to that sort of trip right-now.

That being said …

We are planning one, possibly two (hopefully two!) actually three please bigger trips next year. Let’s talk about these!

1.) Caleb was adamant (in a good way) that we would do some mini trip every anniversary to celebrate each other, our marriage, and to remind ourselves to step away from the kids for a minute. We are 1 for 2 on this. Last year Harv was pretty little still and still very much connected to me (let’s be honest it’s a mutual feeling) so we opted out. Caleb offered to bring Harv, but we ultimately decided against it.

I’d like to restart this in March. Ok love? Thanks.

We typically (once is definitely typically worthy) look for somewhere close, a hotel that is different but easily accessible to a variety of restaurants and activities. For my MN people – I want North Shore! Beautiful all year long, but in March it’s still snowy.

Photo by Liana Cordell
Photo by Liana Cordell
Photo by Cathy Ross
Photo by Cathy Ross

2.) My mother in law and (step) father in law moved to Florida in May and we’ve been talking and (this is the hopefully!) planning a visit. I’m a little worried about traveling on a plane with 4 kids, especially when I despise flying but I’m totally not driving so yea bring on the chaos. They live close to the ocean and within a decent drive time to Disney so we could probably do it on a smaller budget. Especially planning and saving this far out!

3.) This is the “for sure happening, no backing out Sam,” trip. Since we met, Caleb has been talking about a big trip just the two of us, because our 30th and 40th birthday falls within months of each other. Kind of a big birthday celebration minus any potential bad surprises.

We did a mini moon after our wedding, because we had just previously bought our house, was combatting parenting schedules, and helping pay for a wedding. So… money was tight. We did a long weekend get away then, but always knew something bigger would come later. Well, we have a date, a sitter for (possibly) all the kids (thanks Mom and Dad!) and have been planning out the details.

Now, if you remember I just had a birthday so this will be next August 2017. Flights and hotels don’t book that far out. Apparently I’m the only crazy planner out there. So, the finer details are still in discussion, but I can give you what we know this far:

  • Between 5-8 days long. We prefer longer but it’s not always realistic financially and child wise.
  • International- so Caleb needs a passport! (Unless we do St. Thomas – US citizens are excused.)
  • Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, and Costa Rica have been some of favorite searches thus far.
  • The kids have zero activities and I don’t work so just Caleb has to take off, pretty sure he’s ok with it.
  • Hot, tropical, big beach, and alone is our goal. The rest is just semantics.



Those are my dream vacations right now! And I promise I’ll keep you updated as the planning progresses!

What about you, where would you go?


pssst… Also isn’t my hubby the best?! Definitely has the travel bug and I love it!

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  1. Costa Rica is one of my favorite countries I’ve ever visited. Its gorgeous and the people are so friendly! Ireland is at the tippy top of my travel list, too!

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