Easter Weekend Recap

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What a wonderful and busy weekend! I so hope you had a joyful time with all your family and/or friends! This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the concept of “Even though Friday happens, Remember Sunday is coming.” It’s such a positive light to focus on in any aspect of life. Yes bad things happen and dark times may occur, but there will come a time where happiness and joy will return. Enjoy our long Easter weekend recap!

// Friday //

Although Caleb and I both had to work some portion of the day on Friday, it was a great day to kick off one of my favorite weekends of the year! The kids all had Good Friday off from school, so Jack was home. Carson and Ava were at their Mom’s for the weekend. I had a few short meetings in the morning, but with an unscheduled afternoon, Jack, Harvey, and I were free to do as we pleased

Caleb also had the opportunity to head in for a early shift, which meant early shifts all weekend. Which really meant more time at home with all of us! Knowing he’s going to be home the next day before I go to bed, really makes the weekends he works so much easier!

With Caleb away at work and my day done, the little boys and I headed to Church to participate in the Stations of the Cross. We have never attended at this particular church since we’ve only been members there 2 years now. Last year, Harvey was so little I was hesitant to attend. This year I was hesitant, but still went for it. He wasn’t on his absolute best behavior. However, he did pretty well so I think it’s something we’ll continue with and Jack really enjoyed it.

// Saturday //

Saturday was my Dad’s Birthday; since we celebrated as an entire family on Thursday I didn’t plan on seeing him that day. After swimming, I cleaned the house, ran a few errands, and was home at a decent time without a dinner plan. Thankfully, my sister invited me and the little boys to dinner, so we went over there and brought cupcakes for my Dad. It was a busy day and we moved from one thing to another without much down time. Not my best plan.

When we got home from the short visit, I had boys to bathe and prep for church the next morning and Easter baskets to fill and hide. Our Easter baskets this year were empty in comparison to past years with only 1 chocolate bunny and 5 pieces of candy. Yes, for many you’re thinking “that’s nothing!”. For others, you may be like “good I’m not alone”. Well if I’m being honest, we fit somewhere in the middle.

We actually purchased scooters for each of the kids and the budget (and excess of the budget) went to scooters. Not little presents to fill in baskets. Once Caleb was home we hid the baskets and stayed up hanging out. It’s not often It never happens that we get to hang out together on a Friday or Saturday night.

// Easter Sunday //

// Morning //

The morning started bright and early at 6:20AM with the baby rolling in bed. Jack was also getting up to “go to the bathroom” a million times. This means he was really checking if we were up yet. Once Caleb and I accepted our early morning wake up call fate, I grabbed the camera and followed the boys around until they found their baskets. Harvey’s was under the kitchen table; his favorite hiding spot. Jack’s was hanging up on the curtain rod, behind the curtain. The scooter was under a nearby table.

Hunting Easter Baskets Boy

After letting the kiddos eat candy, yes at 6:30 in the morning, we were lazy for entirely too long. As it ended up being a mad dash out the door to get to church early enough to get a parking spot. Thankfully we made it at a decent time, but I forgot to grab Harv’s Easter Basket! Harv was horrible at church, which is not surprising. He was up early, ate a chocolate egg, and then we asked him to be quiet for too long. It’s rough being almost 2.

Easter Family Pic

Like I mentioned before, we have only been attending this church for 2 years, so we’re still getting used to all the traditions here. At the end of Mass, it was announced that the Egg Hunt would be out by the cemetery. Both Caleb and I gave each other the side eyes. Um, what?! Last year it was pouring, so it was inside. Meaning we didn’t know what to expect. As we walked back to the cemetery talking about how inappropriate children running around for candy was there, we realized there is a giant field opposite the cemetery. Light bulb.

Easter Egg Hunting

Boy Easter Egg Hunting

Without Harv’s basket, Caleb carried around Harv’s eggs and treats. Harv was more into picking up the eggs and putting them back down than anything. That was until he found out there was treats inside! Sadly, Jack was too old this year to participate. Luckily his little brother isn’t allowed that much candy. Sharing at its finest.

Sharing Easter Egg Hunting Brothers

// Afternoon //

We then drove home to meet Caleb’s Mom and all head over to my parent’s house for Easter brunch. The food was wonderful as always and all of us were spoiled with grown up Easter baskets. The kiddos all got to hunt for their own baskets as well. We then played outside until everyone was tired, full, and ready for naps. Ok…. that was just the grown ups and Harv.

Baby Sleeping Nap Easter

After a few hours and too many sweets, we headed home where Caleb worked on building a frame for a mirror door in Ava’s room (more pictures and updates to come soon!) and I played with the boys.

It was a super busy Easter weekend and I’m pretty sure I could use a few days off from it all! But it’s so nice being able to make memories and give our kiddos these wonderful days in life! I cannot wait to hear about your weekend! What was the best part? Did you make it through long days with kids?

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