Fave Instagrammers | Blogtember #11

Today’s prompt I was all about! I hate to admit but a guilty pleasure is scrolling on Instagram. I love the combination of curated and candid and stealing glimpses of people’s lives. (And not in the creepy way, thank you very much). Although I have maybe a 100 or so that I make sure I check in with weekly, these are probably the top 9 I search out for if they don’t pop up in my feed!


Who are they and why do I adore them?

1.) Letterfolkco inspired my love of letter boards and they post pictures of the wittiest sayings and it always makes me laugh. Definitely a mood enhancer! Want to buy a letter board? Check them out!

2.) Christina and her family are pretty much the sweetest ever! Plus she is this rockstar Mom that has undergone surgery to prevent cancer and their little Thomas is battling cataracts. She’s amazing! Plus you can find her wedding photos all over pinterest.

3.) Bridget is my life goal. She’s an amazing Mom to her 2 littles, technical Step Mom to 4 biggers, and she’s tall. Like the gorgeous kind of tall. I’m 5 even. I could use some more tall in my life. She always has the best recipes and I feel like our lives could be parallel story-wise minus the whole she lived in Europe for 3ish months last year. Want to know more? Check out her blog!

4.) Chandra is a Mom I found a few months back who was still is dairy free from reflux from her little guy. So you know, misery loves company when you’re missing ice cream. Plus she has the best modern minimal taste in style.

5.) Kara at A Kailo Chic Life has the most beautiful feed! I’ll be honest, I don’t venture to her blog much unless a DIY project she’s created really strikes me, but I love that she is all about color and does it so classy. I feel like when I do color, it comes out like a 5 year old’s art project. So yea, there’s that. Seriously! Look at those rainbow shelves! #allthehearteyes

6.) Teela. She is my lettering inspiration. She solely got me interested in calligraphy and is an amazing teacher! She gives away free tutorials every tuesday at every-tuesday.com (cute right?) and she’s really into iPad lettering which I think is amazing and I’m starting to think the digital arts is more my capabilities.

7.) I’ll be honest I have no idea what her real name is but you can find her here and I love her free spirt and take on mothering. It helps calm my Type A personality and the fact that she has 5 little ones, makes me kiiiinnndda think of another. And her chubby little bunny is the cutest chunk around!

8.) Sarah from Our Vintage Farmhouse is my farm house style favorite! As we progress in our house remodels and decorating, I feel like we are molding into an interesting craftsman and wanna be farmhouse (I’ll take credit for the latter) style and our house is ….well, interesting at the moment. But anyway, I die in jealously – yes I know, green eyed monster – every time I see her front porch. Pretty sure I should’ve been a southern belle.

9.) Last but certainly not least, Caitlin from Confessions of a Northern Belle. I started following along with Caitlin earlier this summer from a blog link up we both connected to. I think she’s a total sweet heart and those little girls of hers are the cutest. (Man, maybe I am getting baby fever… hahaha jk Harv is teething this week). Anyway, I love how straightforward Caitlin is and enjoy reading and watching her little fam grow!

There you have it! A collection of my faves! Any I forgot? Any you love too?







psst… I also love (possibly in the creepy way) Sherry and John from Young House Love!! BUT I didn’t really want to include them because I don’t want to jinx their come back and I’m almost certain everyone knows who they are… still go check them out on insta or their blog!


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