First Big Announcement!

I don’t usually pop in on the weekend, unless there’s something really exciting going on! Which today is no exception, BUT before I tell you why, we need to rewind a few years.

When I was first tossed into the Step-Mom role (ok not tossed, I semi knew what I was getting myself into) the days were easy. It was a lot of playing, fun, and more of a cool older playmate type role. Then we moved into together and started talking marriage, and the reality of my new role was more prevalent. Add in a few different mediation and court dates and I was a scared, stressed mess.

It.was.hard. and the only person I felt safe enough to talk to about my feelings and that could maybe remotely understand what I was going through was Caleb, who was the one actually going through the mediation and court dates …. so… well, not too fair on my part. So I did what any sane, confused, looking for an answer person does, yep I Googled it. AND OH MY GOSH that was the worst mistake of my life.

Think Googling a sore throat on Web MD and you discover you’re going to die some horrific death and you have 2 weeks to live.

Yep it was not a good move. Everything I found or read was so negative of the children, the husband, and especially the ex wife. I didn’t feel that. I didn’t want to feel that. I wanted help. Positive help that didn’t make me out to be the Cinderella style Step Mom, because that isn’t me. I love my kids, I love my husband, and I don’t utterly despise the kid’s Mom. I gave up on Google.

Then one day, years later, in the middle of the night, with a really colicky baby who wouldn’t sleep I stumbled upon, I don’t even remember how these days, Grady. Grady is a Step Mom; a sweet, adorable, fun, loving Step Mom that loves and adores her step daughter (and she blogs about it all!). Huh. It was this awakening moment, that maybe, just maybe I wasn’t alone.

Now, every broken/blended/step family (whatever you want to call it) is different, which is also what makes advice and writing so hard. But, for once, someone else I found was happily married helping raise someone else’s kid. Little did I know, that Grady would become a fast friend.

Cue the first big announcement of the year (which I referenced back here).

I’ve written a few (ha!) words over on Grady’s blog today! I had the wonderful opportunity to interview/guest post on my thoughts on step-motherhood and my family’s story! It was so fun working with Grady and such a blessing to have found her as a friend!

So go grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and sit down, it may take a while to read. Find my post here!

Thanks for having me Grady! It was so much fun!!

Happy reading all!



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