Florida Update: 2 Months and Counting!

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated on our vacationing status to Florida. The last update was how we told the kids with pretend boarding passes! Since then so much has happened and so many details have been worked out. Traveling with 4 kids is no easy task, even for this ultra prepared Mama.

// Florida Travel Plans Completed //

Flight to & from Florida

We booked our tickets last month! That was a great accomplishment, as deciding flights, parenting time schedules, seats, and finding the “right” price was no easy task. The first thing we had to ensure was connecting with Carson & Ava’s Mom about parenting time and vacationing schedules. Our hope was to visit for as long as we could, but being mindful of Caleb’s work schedule and their Mom’s parenting time. Caleb worked out his schedule and we rearranged parenting time, so 9-10 days was the plan.

I then searched around different airlines as we don’t really have a preference. After searching the major airlines and even the little ones, we settled on Sun Country for a few reasons. The first was that they had dates and times that worked with our schedule. The second was no layovers! Seriously people, can you imagine 2 adults, 3 kids, and a toddler trying to run to a connecting flight. I can. Pass. Direct flights all the way. The last was in the Minneapolis airport we actually have 2 terminals and 1 is easier to get in and out of and Sun Country flies to this terminal. I just wanted easy. With 2 brand new travels and one potential horror (I’m looking at you Harv), easy is best.

Booking Tickets

The last bit about our flight is still in conversation whether it was best. We booked our tickets way ahead of time. There are so many suggestions on when is best to book a flight for that “just right” cost, but buying 6 tickets and absolutely needing seats together was not worth any money we could’ve saved. OR worse, could have paid higher.

So we booked! We will be leaving bright and early, as in 6:45 departure, call me CRAZY! But we also arrive just in time for lunch and a birthday celebration! Oh yea, did I mention we are leaving on Harv’s second birthday? #cuethemomguilt

We will be staying at Caleb’s Mom and Step Dad’s house for 9 days. We are all super excited! I’m just hoping we get invited back 😉

// Things to Still do Before Florida //

Book a Car Rental

Since we’ll be down there for so long, a car rental was definitely needed. We’ve determined that with us 6 plus Nancy & Dan, a 8 car vehicle is needed. So we’ll be riding in ginormous style $$$ I have it all figured out, I just need to actually push the submit button. I have done tons of research to get the best price and by far Costco won out. Use Costco! — except not the vehicle or the time we need 😉 ha.

Create an Itinerary

There are so many things that the kids want to do, that Caleb and I want to do, and that Nancy and Dan want to do! I’ve joked that we only have 9 days there and a months worth of activities. I know that a certain 2 year old (You again, Harv) can only handle so much in a day, so creating a tentative itinerary will be next up on the to do list.

Buy Clothes & Pack

Somehow all of the big kids went through a massive growth spurt this year and have like no summer clothes. With our trip in the dead of heat in Florida, new clothes are a must! Ava and I actually hit up some stores this week and crossed her off the list, and the boys will be easy so this should be pretty easy. Plus, I like shopping and vacation shopping is even better!

That’s where we stand! Lots accomplished, but still lots to do! I’ve done lots of research about flying with a toddler and tips for traveling with kids in general, look for that post soon!

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  1. DAN AND I are SO looking forward to your visit. I will have lots of ideas for you guys to do but its up to YOU TWO. Bonus for June: lots of groupon deals because it will be “off season” then… YAY. Love you all; can’ wait.

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