Friday, no favorites. 

You guys. I need to be real. Usually I’m all puppy dogs and rainbows. But this week was AWFUL. 

The funny thing is that I’m seeing it all around. Political beliefs or outcomes aside. There must be something in the air, because I know I’m not alone. 

The week has just been compounding day after day. I’ve been battling all week the tummy bug that Harv had last week. Seriously I can’t shake it! The nausea has just been lingering. And no, I’m not pregnant. Pinky promise. Then Caleb caught it too. So we’ve both been operating our chaos at like 80%. 

Then Harv decided that not just once, but twice, (AND in a row!) that 12-3AM parties were a good idea this week. I assure you he was wrong. The sleep deprived sick mom (me. in case you were unsure) also decided 3AM was a good time for a marital dispute. I assure you I was wrong, too.

Work has been draining every ounce of me too. My team is all new this year and sadly we just don’t mesh. It makes it hard on so many levels. I obviously hit my breaking point, because at some point (no idea when it’s all been a blur) Caleb told me to quit. Although I’m a work at home teacher (read: small paycheck), we need the income. His plan was for him to work two jobs. People. This was after the 3AM fight. Yep, I’m blessed. Also, don’t worry I’m still employed. For now. 

Then I forgot to take dinner out of the freezer on Monday. So we ordered pizza which should be good but it isn’t when dinner is an hour late, kids are hungry, mom is hangry, and there isn’t enough. Oops. 


Then perfectionism hit. Not mine. Ava’s. That girl is awesome when it comes to school, but her expectations are so high and she’s so hard on herself. The combo ended in disaster when she wasn’t happy with the first draft. Or the second. Or the third. Lord help her see how talented she is and give her grace to feel good about it. 

As I finally started to think we may all live another day, Jack comes home and tells me his teacher wants me to call. But he doesn’t know why. Oh boy. Not what I wanted or needed to hear. Thankfully it was just to help him with some math. We’re so torn with him. We believe school is important and don’t want him behind. But I want him to be a kid and to have family time. Ugh. Where is the balance!? 

But life isn’t all bad. It never is. Last weekend before the junk hit, my sister and I took all the kids to craft show and lunch. It was a blast! 

We also met my family for dinner this week at our local favorite. Kids made their own pizzas to be fired and built their own sundaes. Grown ups enjoyed pizza flatbreads, beers, and giant warm cookies. It was the sanity break we all needed. 

Harv also stole and enjoyed his first sucker. #itsthelittlethings

Thanks for letting me vent. I hope your week went better! Plans this weekend? I’m going to sleep. 

3 thoughts on “Friday, no favorites. 

  1. actually I am glad to hear you’re not’re human
    …the bad days are there so we so much more appreciate the good ones. Since you’re one to count your blessings, you’re going to come out on the good end of this all…. love, Grandma Nancy

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