Goals and Changes! 

First of all, for my new readers, welcome! So glad you’re here, it’s a great day to start! For my long lasting friends, you may have noticed my hiatus on Wednesday posting this month. I’d like to explain. Changes are coming! Be excited!

Although we were plagued with the flu AND some awful cold type thing, which I’m honestly typing on my cell while holding a semi sleeping completely restless babe, my quietness is not related. Send prayers and sleep vibes please!

I haven’t actually taken a hiatus at all! I’ve been working harder and more frequently with some big changes you’re going to start to see around here! But it’s all behind the scenes so yes it appears as though I’ve disappeared. I have not!

Let’s check out some of these changes:

  1. A more streamlined color scheme and theme. Ok the jury is still out on what it’ll be but I’ve been working on all the code to make some BIG changes. I’m bored (ha!). Let me rephrase that: I’m bored with my blog and I know it needs a facelift. (Too many kids, jobs, and chores to do to ever actually be bored.) I love color but I love black and white and I’m just not feeling what I’ve got going on. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I ever was really in love with it. Time to update and move forward.
  2. In connection to my new color scheme, my emails (and newsletter!) will be enhanced and actually acknowledge how awesome you followers are! I temporarily removed my email opt-in as I sort through details. Gasp! Big blogger no no. But I want to give you the best and I’m not just going to hound you for your email while I know I’m in transition. Really want to follow along?! Check out my Instagram or my Twitter feeds! Both which will be getting some serious upgrades in the future here, too.

That’s all I have for blog updates … at the moment. I do have a few more things coming up planned for the year BUT I’m all about baby steps and progress.

I’m ever so thankful to have you here and really can’t wait to share with you all that I have planned!

So my goals.

THIS is where I’ll admit the plague of illness got to us.

Ava’s room did get some love, but with me and Caleb both sick for a week+ total, add in the kids being sick, it was cyonara free time, hello bed time.

I’m hopeful with my spring break NOT lining up with the kids I can be full time mommy and let Caleb finish up all he needs in March. The calendar already speaks otherwise 🙁 We have been planning and prepping to attempt at utilizing the time as efficiently as possible.

Taxes are finished, submitted, accepted, and our refund check is in the bank already! We do have a small tax to pay to the good ole M-N but the refund will take care of that business. Balance right? That’s the key.  I also opted out of the budget making this month, with some solid justification.

I wanted to put my energy into blog changes and intend to use nap time & bed time during my spring break to update our family binder and emergency binder. It’s been entirely too long so I’ll do it all in one shot. Meaning I deliberately avoided waited on the financial piece of the family binder.

March goals are forming here! Can’t you see…

No date. A family date? That maybe counts. Still love my Valentine AND March is our anniversary month! I’m hopeful we can figure something out.

I’ve been making some itinerary changes and updates to lessen the cost of our trip. All our finances are almost 100% in order, so we did NOT order tickets yet but hang tight as I’ll be posting how we plan to pay for TWO big trips in one summer!

Lastly. I got Jack packed and ready for camp, but seeing as the clothes we packed are all MIA I’m going with a fail on this one.

Oi 0 for 4 on February’s goals. Wow.

So tally March Goals and this is what we’re looking at:

  1. Settle on a color scheme and design for the blog.
  2. Finish Ava’s room.
  3. Create time for an anniversary date.
  4. Create, update, and share our favorite family & emergency binder resources.

Sounds simple on paper.
What’s your month looking like? Think we’ll actually accomplish any of these this month?! Not going to lie, slightly embarrassed about such a February fail. March is ALMOST spring. Let’s tackle our goals together! What do you have going??

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