Good Reads | Blogtember #12

Today we’re talking books. Books you just read, are reading, and want to read. Well, seeing as the books I just read or are reading are children’s books I’m going a different direction…

Being at the stage in my life where it’s all about my marriage, children, and family as a whole, reading for enjoyment just isn’t quite on par with my free time (unless you count blog reading while rocking Harvey to sleep —then I’m on my A game).

A while back I stumbled across this article about 30 books to read in your thirties. Typically the books I read are educational books, children’s books,  religious books, or books about marriage so some of these are a stretch out of my comfort zone, but I liked the idea. (Not all are ones I’m into for the record… )

Here’s a glimpse of a few that are first up (when I get some time!):





What are you reading these days? Let me live through you 😉 Or keep adding to my “when I get to that” list!




8 thoughts on “Good Reads | Blogtember #12

  1. Eat Pray love is one of my top three all-time fav books! I read it at a time when my life, especially my love life, was a DISASTER. It was such a revelation for me. and I still go read certain passages when I am having a rough time!

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