Happy 10th Birthday Ava!

Dear Ava,

It feels so weird not to see you today. This is the first time I’ve experienced not seeing you (or Carson) at least some portion of your birthday and it’s weird, to say the least. I’m glad you and your Mom have plans… I truly hope they turn out exactly how you are expecting, because I know you. Once your mind is made up, you’re on a mission. Which is awesome and .. not all at the same time…

Ten. Double Digits. Two Hands. Welcome to the club! You are growing up into such a wonderful little lady and I’m honored I’m a┬árole model in your life. I take that title very seriously and try to make choices and reinforce habits daily to show you how to be a good strong woman. I hope you find something positive to take away.

I love seeing parts of me coming out in you. I’ll admit it used to drive me crazy that you copied everything I did, but now I realize why and it’s pretty awesome that you do what you do. #teamtealforever

Thank you for keeping me sane in a room full of boys, for keeping your room clean, for making cards for our family when I have negative amounts of time, for not burping at the table, for letting me dress you (let’s not change that one, thanks!), but most of all thanks for letting me love your dad and be a part of your family. I’m really glad you’ve warmed up to me and Harv. Jack ha he just got lucky I guess, you’ve always liked him!

I hope this life fulfills every dream you chase after and I hope 10 is your best year yet! Now, go sharpen those pencils! xoxo

Love you lady,


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