Harvey Update | 15 Months

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on the Harvey happenings. Let’s be real, I talk about him daily BUT I haven’t like officially updated on all the awesomeness he is these days!

Plus we just recently went in for a check up so all his stats are up to date.


height = 2 feet 8 inches tall (70%)

weight = 23 pounds 15 ounces ( 67%)

head circumference = 19.25 inches (95%)

Haha babe I love you, but you got a big head and it isn’t from momma.

size clothes = 18-24 months

8 teeth (possibly more coming?? he’s been an extra cranky man lately)


food – anything we give him. But really, he loves his sweets (he is seriously Caleb’s mini), strawberries, mozzarella cheese, fresh garden veggies, blueberries, blueberry yogurt, pretzel goldfish and like I said anything we give him or he sees the big kids eating.

toys – he really isn’t into toys anymore. He’s definitely into the exploring and climbing (yikes! Never had a climber before) stage. That all said, he loves any phone, tablet, or TV remote. Sigh. He also loves playing with Ava’s American Girl doll toys. They’re mini and so realistic and he loves them. He really really wants Mom to let him play with markers and my work computer, too. Won’t happen buddy.

books – an Elmo seek and find hand me down from Jack, “I love you through and through”, or My Truck is Stuck. All of which Grandma (my Mom) has picked out, by chance. (not sponsored – they are just legit his faves. I also have them memorized now, you know just in case.)

My Truck is Stuck in all it's glory.
My Truck is Stuck in all it’s glory.

puppies and babies – I realize probably everyone does, but Harv is in LOVE with these. He gets 100% thrilled with life when he comes in contact of them, at a very safe distance mind you.

school – he loves his little baby school! Caleb said the second time they went, he marched right in like he knew what to do.


So cute! Not going to lie, I wish I was there, but also glad that Caleb and him get one on one time. See next…

I’ve always been the favorite until recently. Now he’s turning pretty quickly to being a Daddy’s boy. Dad does much cooler things than Mom, I guess.


coming in from outside. empty snack pouches. driving in the car and riding in his car seat. sitting down in the bath tub. mom trying to wean him. the baby gate. sleeping.


He can say momma, daddy, ja, hi, puppy (well it’s not entirely understandable, but I know, so I count it). He can sign “more”, “all done”, and there used to be more but they don’t happen as frequent.

One afternoon Harv and I were coloring together downstairs and when it was time to head up stairs, I notice purple crayon the wall. (Not intentionally there, for the record, just a scratch from carrying and walking to close). Anyway, full well knowing I’m staring at the culprit. I asked Harv who did this and his response?! “Ja” yep already blaming his big brother, Jack.

He loves vacuuming. As a baby, I’d strap him into one of our many wraps and wear him around the house during nap time while I vacuumed. Sometimes, I’ll still put him in the Ergo just for fun. When he’s not in the carrier though, he follows me around the house making vacuum noises and laughing and giggling. Crazy kid.

Sweeping is up there too.
Sweeping is up there too.

Like I mentioned above, he’s into the climbing. And oh my gosh, you cannot take your eyes off of him. I discovered such shenanigans as I was putting laundry away, turned around and there he was trying to jump up and down on the ottoman of his rocker. Oi kid!

The first Wednesday of the month means tornado warning tests around here. Well Caleb and him were eating lunch and when he heard the siren he decided he needed to contribute and is now a professional siren maker. Yay?

When Caleb works the weekend, I see very little of him awake and the boys see even less. So we started recording a good night message so Harvey could “call him” before bed and listen to Daddy say good night. Well as Caleb was recording it on my phone, Harv started picking his nose (seriously guys this habit.is.awful) so now the recording says “Harv stop picking your nose” at the end. So every time he hears the recording he giggles and sticks his finger up there. Yep I know I could re-record it, but I don’t think about it until bedtime.  #momfail

His relationship with the big kids is ever changing, too. Ava taught him to blow kisses and it melts my heart! Seriously, those two. Carson and Harv have been having a hard time with Carson leaving to their Mom’s on Thursday nights. This will be hard to explain and we really didn’t think it would occur so fast. I’ll keep you posted on that situation. And well Jack and him they have this extreme love and hate pick on relationship. They can go to BFF snuggling on the coach to Harvey attacking him. So there’s that.

That pretty much sums up our little wild man currently. Oh do we all love him and the excitement he brings to our life!


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