Harvey Update | 18 Months

Harvey hit the 18 month mark back in December, but well holidays…  and for the first time, Caleb took him to his appointment without me. We always made a deal that we’d both attend all of his appointments; however this one was sticky since it is the holidays and our doctor is on vacation (and I didn’t have more vacation) and I really didn’t want to put it off for weeks so alone he ventured. I was more upset than him. Ha. Caleb wasn’t distraught at all. Pretty sure he was pretty proud.


height = 33.25″ (80%)

weight = 24 lb 14 oz (61%)

head circumference = 19.75″ (99%)

Love our big headed baby!


size clothes = 18 months still fit, but 24 Months – 2T are the way to go.

12 teeth – top front 4/bottom front 4  & 4 molars (those were doozies)


food – he loves getting cheese sticks out of the fridge and saying “cheeeeeese” but only ever eats a bite and the rest is found somewhere around the house. Christmas candy – I’m putting him on a diet, cold turkey style. Taco meat. He loves pizza, noodles, yogurt, applesauce, and milk from a big boy cup.

toys – he wasn’t into toys before, but now since Christmas, he has tons of new ones and likes playing. He loves playing matchbox cars, this mini tool set with Daddy, his talking Scout Puppy from Santa (big winner!)

books – anything that anyone will read for him, but currently we read a hand me down train book and a open the flap truck book all the time.

being outside!

singing and dancing

Quite possibly my favorite pic ever (bummer it’s on my phone!)
playing with his big brothers and sister, seriously they are everything to him right now. he wants to be just like them. He loves playing legos, hide and seek with Ava’s stuffed animals, and he goes “pew pew” and runs around crazy when Jack fires his nerf gun. Oh to be the littlest sibling! 

christmas. he was way into the opening and the playing and the food.


diaper changes

getting dressed

having the gate up

not being next to mom

sleep (18 month regression was BIG with this one)


Harv got strep over winter break. Seriously it was awful. No sleep, cranky, fevery, coughing and it all hit him so fast. How a baby his age even got it only Heaven knows, but it was not fun.

He is really turning into a terrible two kid. The tantrums are full on for everything! Caleb and I are relearning our patience and time out methods. Sadly, they aren’t working. Well the patience is ha just not the time outs. He’s still little.

He is learning to move furniture so he can reach things higher, like crawling across the kitchen table for example. Or the ottoman to climb over the gate. Also a stool in our bedroom to access Caleb’s (moved) hidden candy stash. He is absolutely determined candy still exists in the drawer and he is determined to get it. That kid.

Every time Harv and Caleb would go to the grocery store, there was a big Santa on display. The two of them would sit, stare, point, and Harv would say “Ho, Ho, Ho” the whole time. Caleb is such a good sport. Ha. Harv pretty much said “ho, ho, ho” all winter.

His vocabulary is finally expanding and quickly! I was a little worried for a while there, but he’s definitely picking it up and can say lots: mom, dad, more, ja, mine, tree, milk, baby, “b” (blankie), and a bunch of others here and there. He also loves to make animal noises.

His facial expressions are never ending! He says so much with those little eye brows of his!

His favorite Christmas present was socks. Yes, socks. It was sooo hilarious! He opened them up from Caleb’s sister and brother in law and was determined to wear them all… at once…. over his footie jammies. Seriously people I wish I had a picture it was perfect! Then he decided to keep switching out different pairs so he could see them all.

He upgraded car seats, a big boy chair at the table (so long high chair), and he’s actually sleeping more in his own crib! He’s getting older and bigger and giving us all the heart eyes. We love him so!


Want more?! Check out my Insta, you know, for daily doses of Harv OR check out his 15 month update here!

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  1. He is the cutest! So sorry about the strep. That’s the worst. Really takes the life out of them! My babies loves Scout! I’m glad he does too. And grilled cheeses and pizza are high on our favorites list. I LOVE those jammies. Best picture ever. 🙂

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