Harvey Update | 21 Months

21 Month Update

Harvey hit the 21 Months accomplishment over spring break, so I wanted to share all his wonderful milestones he’s been rocking lately! We all are so head over heels with this little guy. He’s been the best little blessing ♥ makes us almost debate having another. Then he throws us a 2 week awful sleep schedule and we are back to “ok, you’re it kiddo”.

Read his 18 month update here or his 15 month update here.

// 21 months stats //


33 1/2″


26 lbs 8 oz

size clothes:

He can squeeze into 18 month things, but really 24 months and 2T are the way to go. He’s also still staying strong on the size 5 diaper; I think that’s normal for babes to be in that size for uber long.


Harv still only has 12 teeth, but there are 2 popping through one on the top and one on the bottom. He also likes sticking his fingers way in the back, so I’m thinking 2 year molars are coming in soon.

// 21 months favorites //

He loves strawberries (or strabdobs as he calls them); he’d happily eat an entire container if we let him. We don’t.

He loves swimming class that him and I do together.

He loves calling anyone on the phone, especially video calls so he can see the person. What a lovely little world we live in sometimes.

He’s made recent attachments to Ava and loves playing with her.

He loves tucking himself into anyone’s bed and pretend sleeping. The real sleep? Ha.

He loves his pillows (piddows) and creating the perfect TV viewing spot with them and his blanket (affectionally known as “B”).

He also loves snacks…

// 21 months dislikes //

Harv is pretty easy going and there isn’t much he dislikes, but the things he does create the biggest tantrums ever.

He dislikes when I leave his sight. I think it’s normal for his age, but it’s less than thrilling for both Caleb and I.

He also extremely dislikes sleep and night time. Seriously we don’t get it. He goes down for a nap like a little angel and will give us an hour and a half sometimes 2 hours, but bed time nothing. It’s bad. Not to mention the 18 month sleep regression that stayed entirely too long. Oh! And DST, yea that was weeks ago and we’re still working through. Lord help us all.

// harv happenings //

His vocabulary has skyrocketed lately. I’ll admit I was a little nervous about his lack of talking; Caleb and his Doc weren’t, but I was. Anyway, I’m thrilled to announce he’s a talking machine! So many words and they’re oh so sweet and mispronounced! I love this age. Seriously my favorite. The big kids also love requesting he says this or that and he is a great sport!

Baby school is still in full session and I got to take him last week! When I was off work and Caleb was left to do Caleb things, I happily volunteered to go to school. Harv was so thrilled to hold my hand and guide me around and do all the things! He really really really wants a big kid backpack though, so I’ll be on the lookout for something miniature to send with Harv and Daddy next time!

Harv also got his first official HAIRCUT. Good bye curls, hello grown up kid. Caleb’s been ready for a few months for the massive curly bed head to be on its way out, but I just wasn’t. Caleb respected that and so we waited. But last week we did the deed and I can’t wait to share all the pics and details!

Harv also loves riding his balance bike he got from Christmas and trying out Ava’s scooter. He finally will sit down on the bike and actually balance on it! We were excited. The scooter though? He just stands there while I push him around. Word on the street is the Easter Bunny may be bringing him one. Shhh don’t tell!

My absolute favorite part of Harv lately? His lovey side. Oh goodness he’s melts my heart. He loves giving “big hugs” where he wraps his little arms around your neck and squeezes as hard as he can. Or kisses; he loves blowing kisses to everyone and giving me the biggest mouth smooches! Plus he can say “I love you” in his sweet little voice and I die.

Take a listen:


All in all the last few months have just been awesome and he is such a joy! The sleep may kill us, but at least we’ll be happy when we die. Enjoy the photo dump!


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